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Electrical energy, Gas, Water


Specialists in Water and Energy Technologies to optimise costs and save water and energy.

In the Triveneto and other strategic areas. With a Team of Partners (Leaders, Multinationals and Local) we help industries, large and small, in the management of water, energy, at 360 degrees to measure.

From Primary and Process Water Treatment, to Technological Water Treatment (Thermal and Thermoelectric Power Plants, Cooling and Closed Circuits), to Wastewater Purification, Sludge Dewatering, with solutions for Recovery and Reuse.

All this in collaboration with Certified Local and International Specialist Teams, for over 40 years. With Professional Experience from Food, to Dairy, Wineries and Distilleries, Paper, Construction, Chemical and Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Machinery, Manufacturing, Metalmechanics, Eyewear, Lenses, Plastics and Rubber, Glass, Fruit and Vegetables and IV Range, Healthcare, Steel, Textiles, Clothing and Livestock.

Plumbers, Heating and Plumbing, Plant Management.

As well as Hotels, Shopping and Sports Centres, Swimming Pools, Water Parks and Zoos.

Experts in Solutions of: 1) Problem identification with diagnosis and estimation of achievable savings, for reduction of energy costs and environmental impact, in technological and service plants (drinking water, cooling, heating, steam, process and waste water purification) with the best available techniques for environmental and energy efficiency 2) Legionella risk analysis and assessment in water and aeraulic systems, with risk minimisation and management; disinfection of hydraulic circuits; 3) Chemistry applied to sanitary, technological, process and waste water systems; 4) Corrosion control on the various metallurgies of water circuits 5) Optimisation of aerobic and anaerobic biological purification process management 6) Design and implementation of control systems and monitoring of management parameters 7) Pumping, mixing and aeration systems in wastewater treatment plants 8) Design implementation of renewable energy systems (gas turbines, cogenerators, biogas, solar, wind, photovoltaic and EV) 9) Design and implementation of sanitisation and hygienisation systems with ozone (from oxygen) for seasoning, processing and refrigeration cells (cheese, hams, sausages, mushrooms) Air deodorisation (delicatessens, landfills, purifiers) 10) Disinfection, oxidation, depuration systems with ozone (by oxygen) for drinking water, fruit washing, IV Gamma vegetables, swimming pools and waste water