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Youth from Belluno and eyewear – boom of participants for the competition E’ tutta una montatura! – It’s all a frame! – : 169 have designed the glasses of the future

Erminio Da Vià - Occhialeria Moda Sport Section - and Luca Anselmi - Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori - awarded the best entries: ‘the development of the eyewear sector passes through the schools in the area’.

President Pozza: one million euro to radically transform the chamber spaces and provide a modern location for students and lecturers of the ITS Academy Tourism Veneto Master’s course.

The collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomites and the ITS Academy Turismo Veneto continues with success

Foreign investments as levers for regional development

Conference in Belluno, Wednesday 8 May 2024 at the Chamber of Commerce. Authoritative university professors and territorial economic actors discuss the topic

Classroom lessons GenerAZIONE2026: the 29 april sports emotions shared in classroom, with the 1st grade secondary school ‘IC 09 VALDONEGA’ in VERONA

The class was knowledgeable about Olympic celebrations and values, including the Paralympic Games, in which they showed great sensitivity and interest.

Classroom lessons GenerAZIONE2026: 24 March 2024 with the “IC CASTELLER DI PAESE” Secondary School in Paese (Treviso)

In his video message, President Pozza invited young people to work on the issue of the proper use of mobile phones with GenerAZIONE2026's "Education 4.0" to promote the appropriate use of digital technologies, addressing topics such as the correct use of smartphones and the web against cyberbullying, the risks to psycho-physical health if one overdoes it with electronic devices, the web, and social networking.

How to tell the Prosecco Hills

How to build a network that works. 18 April, 2 and 9 May in San Pietro di Feletto

Last classroom lesson for the Goffredo Parise School of Reportage

Appointment at the Mario del Monaco Theatre for the awards ceremony

The university programme in law “Giurisprudenza 2.0” in Treviso, discussing Artificial Intelligence and the AI Act at European level

The impact on the justice system of the new European regulation on artificial intelligence In Treviso "Giurisprudenza2.0" tackles the new challenges of techno-law, legal informatics and protection of rights on the Internet

Certottica starts again with ITS course selections for Eyewear Product Manager

A step forward for Made in Italy and a unique opportunity for the future of young people.

EUROPE DAY 2024. Europe Day dedicated to the competitiveness of European industry

Workshop: 'Foreign Investments as Levers for Regional Development' Online registration

Classroom lessons GenerAZIONE2026: tuesday 9 april at MARTA MINERBI (1st grade secondary school)

There are six connected classes at the MARTA MINERBI Institute (Secondary 1). Congratulations to the teachers!!! Nice to know that to the question: who does sport? All the classes answer that most of the pupils play sport. To the question: what is sport for you? The answers are really interesting: For class 1 E, sport […]

Classroom lessons GenerAZIONE2026: 8th april Lessons with 5 classes of IC L. Luzzatti San Polo di Piave (Secondary school in province of Treviso)

5 classes great enthusiasm, the names Tina and Milo, the official Mascots of Milan Cortina 2026, the where and when the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held, the inaugurations and final events, the why of the symbols, the values that inspire lifestyles. Always prearranged and full of insights, especially when the videos of Paralympic […]

New European Bauhaus Festival 9-13 April 2024

It is possible to attend the Forum, Fair and Party in Brussels, watch the Festival online or participate in satellite events throughout Europe.