Agritourisms in Treviso, the authentic welcome for families and their animals

Pets on vacation with owners to escape hot temperatures, agritourisms at the top for hospitality


Call for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs. Women’s Entrepreneurship Award 2024. Fund of euro18Mila for five cash awards.

The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomites aims to support women's entrepreneurship for a sustainable economy

Sportsystem Economic Observatory. Sportsystem Foundation presents economic and social data for 2023 and an evolutionary interpretation

The studies are carried out in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo and the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso- Belluno | Dolomites, with contributions from Confartigianato Impresa and UNINT. The opportunities offered by new technologies and AI in Var Group's talk. Still in the “tail end” of recent economic shocks but with positive growth forecasts by focusing on new technologies and training.


Investing in Treviso and Belluno presentation by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomites Mario Pozza

Treviso and Belluno are also export-oriented, thus already structured for the internationalisation of processes and products.


The diffusion of 4.0-5.0 technologies in Veneto’s manufacturing companies

For Treviso, machinery exports in the year 2023 are worth more than 2.8 billion euros (17.5% of the provincial total), with an increase compared to last year of +9.2%. For Belluno, machinery exports (more than 528 million in sales in 2023) represent the second largest item in the province, after eyewear, which accounts for more than 74% of provincial exports (for machinery the weight is 10%).


Pozza: we invest in university education to make the area attractive to young people and as a driver for the business economy.

The University and the city of Treviso make an agreement that gives strength and enhances the already existing projects of the Chamber of Commerce.


Businesses’ growth: +29,489 activities between April and June (+0.5%)

North-West and Centre among the most dynamic areas Expanding professional activities, business services and tourism


President Pozza at the Made in Italy Pre-summit of Il Sole 24 ORE Financial Times and Sky tg24

An invitation to the companies of Treviso and Belluno to participate confidently and actively in the extra value generated by the Made in Italy brand, having all the proper potential to do so and finding the Chamber of Commerce at their side.


Investing in Treviso and Belluno: the benefits of environmental investment. Edited by Renato Chahinian

Investments in the environment also enables positive financial results in the long run


New plan for tourist ports, meetings with provinces, municipalities and stakeholders concluded

Vice-President De Berti: 'A moment of listening and discussion on a fundamental instrument for the relaunch of inland navigation and the development of pleasure boating'


UniCredit supports Irinox’s sustainable growth

From the bank, new EUR 3 million loan facility linked to the company's commitments to improve its ESG profile through Cerved certification


Treviso: sustainability certification for the Sartorato construction site

Treviso construction site certified Costruzioni Edili Sartorato of Casale sul Sile (province of Treviso) obtains the certificate Cantiere Impatto Sostenibile from Ance Rovigo Treviso


The Commission is satisfied with the political agreement on the cyber resilience law

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached last night between the European Parliament and the Council on the cyber resilience law proposed by the Commission in September 2022. The cyber resilience law is the first legislation of its kind in the world. It will improve the level of cyber security of digital products for the […]


Consumer and business confidence June 2024  

    In June 2024, the consumer confidence index increased from 96.4 to 98.3. A significant improvement was observed in the economic confidence climate (from 101.9 to 105.3), while the future one, the current one and, finally, the personal one were also growing (from 95.7 to 98.7, from 97.0 to 98.1 and from 94.4 to […]