Gammasport S.r.l.

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Gammasport is a company that has been working for many years with the utmost professionalism in the design and production of sports equipment.

It has a multifunctional structure with a mechanical workshop, welding and painting equipment, warehouses for the production, assembly and storage of finished products, as well as technical offices for the design and development of every solution, including those based on specific customer specifications.

In continuous growth, this company invests resources and energy in innovation and research into cutting-edge materials and production techniques in order to provide a complete high-level service, also guaranteed by UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Combining safety, functionality and design to perfection, the company manufactures pitch trolleys, grandstands (including those with covers) for sports facilities, stages, furnishings and equipment for gyms, trampolines, basketball hoops, electronic scoreboards, scoreboards, LED displays, football benches, scoring tapes and nets for tennis courts, metal structures and nets for football goals, rugby supports, mats, articles for basketball and volleyball, balls and backboards.