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HenryGlass is an all-Italian company that produces glass doors, based in Mansuè, in the province of Treviso, a city of art and an area that today, as in the past, is fascinated by Palladian architecture and echoes the magnificence of Venice, the undisputed home of glassworking. An idea born in 1988 at the behest of Enrico Bazzichetto and Enrico Anzanello (hence the origin of the brand's name), with the aim of reviving the magic of Murano glass in the world of contemporary design and architecture: a vision that Henry glass over time has transformed into reality, perfecting the ancient art of the Venetian masters to put it at the service of the most innovative industrial techniques.

A quest that has led to an authentic and recognisable style, unique collections with character: not simple glass doors, but the emotion of glass made doors! From the very beginning, the company has produced glass doors of great value, which in the environments in which they are inserted, become a primary architectural element that harmonises perfectly with the surrounding habitat. Experience and technology: with a technical department that works continuously to study ever more innovative and cutting-edge production and installation systems, HenryGlass has numerous functional and decorative patents to its credit.

Exclusive and discreet jambs allow the doors to be placed in any existing compartment and enhance the combination of glass and the materials of the surrounding environment. The company, immersed in greenery, is surrounded by an uncontaminated landscape: from the large windows of the production plant one can in fact observe the plain known as Prà dei Gai, an uncontaminated territory to which the company has wished to conform, becoming a model of eco-compatibility where attention to the quality of work is a primary factor in production in order to obtain a product of excellence: the roof of the large shed is in fact made of glass, inclined and oriented in such a way as to take advantage of natural daylight whenever possible. The doors are manufactured entirely in-house and made to measure, according to specific customer requirements.

The plurality of the offer given by an extensive catalogue characterised by contemporary or more classic proposals is capable of satisfying any housing or public environment need, from schools to hotels, from offices to hospitals, and even religious places. When art meets craftsmanship, a unique collection of designer doors is born, where the signatures of great Italian masters enter an exclusive and refined catalogue alongside the more traditional collection. HenryGlass, which has always been one of the forerunners in terms of trends and taste, over the years has been able to interpret the changes in the market, transforming itself from a small artisan business to an industry specialising in the production of all-glass doors, wooden doors and walk-in wardrobes distributed and sold under its own brand name in various parts of the world. The perfect combination of art and design, aesthetics and quality, form and function, allows the ancient and exclusive made in Italy craftsmanship to dialogue with the most up-to-date and advanced industrial technologies to obtain innovative and original products. Today, the main objective is to consolidate the Italian market and to land abroad by strengthening the areas already reached, conquering new markets especially related to contract and high-end.