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Inside your world. We put your needs at the centre and activate the big Ondulkart world to transform them into concrete realities to contain, protect and communicate. Our goal is to create value for our customers by listening to their needs and offering them solutions. This is our strength. We believe in a line called trust, which through skills, experience and innovation holds the value of each story and makes it grow. It is not just a box.

It is the fruit of a solid reality, which designs a personalised, complete, dynamic and efficient service. For us at Ondulkart, people are at the centre of projects. Collaboration, spirit of belonging, ability to question oneself.

These are the values that drive the company, within the perspective of continuous improvement, with respect and transparency. Our world is dynamic and is based on the synergy between resources and ideas, people and collaborations. Each project becomes an opportunity for growth and innovation, to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Design, production and sale of corrugated cardboard packaging, die-cut and printed corrugated cardboard boxes.

Production and sale of lithographed boxes, displays in offset and digital printing, furnishing accessories and interior design in cardboard and composite materials.