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Food, Beverages, Production and Wine Trade


Dersut Caffè S.p.a.

is a historic coffee roasting company based in Conegliano (TV), founded in the post-war period by Count Vincenzo Caballini di Sassoferrato, and currently run by his son, Dr.

Giorgio, who has been with the company since 1971, assisted by his daughters, Dr.

Lara and Dr.

Giulia. Since 1949, the Conegliano-based company has always pursued the pursuit of quality not only of the product, but also of the entire production process and company organization, searching for the best qualities of coffee available, purchasing the right crops, ensuring technology and carrying out constant checks to ensure compliance with the quality standards set for each stage of production: from roasting to packaging and distribution.

The last two decades have been years of innovation for Dersut. In 2002, the first Bottega del Caffè Dersut was opened, from which other single-brand coffee shops were created in the following years: Italiana Caffè and Giornale&Caffè. In 2012, Caffè Light, the digestible decerated coffee that has become the company's flagship, was put on the market for the first time. Looking to the future does not mean forgetting the past: 2010 is the year of the inauguration of the Coffee Museum in Conegliano, the story of a company, a sector and a city. All this has brought increasing success for the company, which today serves over 3,500 public establishments, mainly distributed in the Triveneto area, and boasts an increasingly significant presence on some important European markets.