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Alf Group is today one of the most significant realities in the international furnishing sector. Protagonist of a highly successful entrepreneurial adventure, the company has made the continuous search for quality its mission, renewing its proposals to interpret the most contemporary lifestyles and trends. The origins of the Alf Group can be traced back to the 1950s when a group of highly experienced and skilled artisans decided to get together and found a cooperative in Francenigo (Treviso) with the aim of starting mass production of wooden objects. However, after only a few years, Alf became such an important industrial reality in the wood sector that the Piovesana brothers took over the company and invested new resources.

The results of their commitment were not long in coming; in fact, already in the early sixties, Alf expanded thanks to its ability to distinguish itself in the design and production of furniture for the bedroom area. The evolution of the markets that took place in the following years and Alf's foresight to meet customer demands meant that the company rapidly increased its production. Today, the group further increases its market share thanks to its specialisation also in living area furnishings, its ability to offer state-of-the-art services and to guarantee maximum timeliness in the realisation and delivery of products.