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Piazzetta dei Lombardi 1
31100 , Treviso






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It was 1968 when we cut the ribbon of a place that would have written the story of Treviso.

Giuseppe Supani, originally of Friulan, decided to go back to his motherland and buy the inn.

The one that would have become a point of interest of the nightlife of Treviso.

Tocai means good wine.

In fact, wine is the leading product at the bar.

We remember the 54 liters jugs of Tocai poured daily, the porchetta for our sandwiches and the hot dishes such as spaghetti, which recipe remains secret! After a long time of ups and downs Tocai reopened in 2020 run by the company RISTO S.r.l, which renovated the inn keeping its essence. Osteria Tocai took part and organized several cultural, musical and culinary events.

Among the most important we have the collaboration with Treviso Comic Book Festival, Treviso Suona Jazz Festival, the tasting experiences with the local suppliers, DJ sets and local band of Treviso. Osteria Tocai is committed, today and in the future, to promote the local and enhance every side of it.