20 million call for tenders for energy efficiency in public buildings. Vice-President De Berti and Councillor Marcato, “A green opportunity for local administrations”.

Events - published on 27 November 2023


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A green opportunity for the administrations of our territory thanks to the European funds and, in particular, to the Veneto Regional ERDF Programme 2021-2027: the measure provides, in fact, economic support for energy efficiency improvements to be carried out in schools, gyms, town halls, hospitals and health facilities, cultural centres and other public buildings in order to cut costs and reduce the impact on the environment. The quality of spaces affects the quality of life of those who use them: for this reason, we will continue to promote actions to make buildings sustainable and renovated.
This was said by the Vice-President of the Veneto Region and Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport, Elisa De Berti, with reference to the resolution approved by the Council, at the proposal of the Regional Councillor for EU Funds Federico Caner in agreement with the Vice-President and Councillor for Economic Development and Energy Roberto Marcato, which allocates 20 million euro to the new call for contributions for measures to improve the energy performance of public, non-residential buildings.

Making our public facilities as energy self-sufficient as possible is an important step on the path towards freeing them from fossil fuels – added Councillor for Economic Development and Energy Roberto Marcato This is an important initiative that will bring significant benefits in terms of improved accessibility and use by local communities to public buildings. This call for tenders is also part of the many actions that the Veneto Region is pursuing in the energy field, which will be included in the new regional energy plan that I intend to bring before the junta by the end of the year.

Municipalities, Unions of Municipalities that are engaged in the management of the entire building stock in an associated form or that carry out services related to the management of the same; Mountain Unions that have received from the municipalities to which they belong conventions that came into force by the date of submission of the application and that demonstrate a duration of no less than 5 years; Provinces; the Metropolitan City of Venice; the Lead Municipalities that have conventions stipulated with other municipalities by the date of submission of the application for a duration of no less than 5 years.

Applications must be filled in online, through the Region’s new Information System for the Programming of Funds (Fondi.RVE) until 5 p.m. on 31 January 2024 at the link https://www.regione.veneto.it/web/programmi-comunitari/sistemainformativofondirve

Approved applications will receive support of up to EUR 1 million. The call for applications can be found at: https://bur.regione.veneto.it/BurvServices/pubblica/DettaglioDgr.aspx?id=516908al link

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