Already 31 schools registered for the third edition of GenerAZIONE2026

10,000 kids on the field for the third edition of "GenerAction2026 - Sport powered by Youth and Education."

Events - published on 24 January 2024

Source: press office FICTS - Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs

Closing date for entries February 29, 2024


Treviso – Belluno – Verona 24/01/2024. The FICTS – Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (recognized by the International Olympic Committee) – in collaboration and with the support of the Veneto Region (Councillor Elena Donazzan), the Treviso-Belluno | Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce (President Mario Pozza) and the Verona Chamber of Commerce (President Giuseppe Riello), will carry out, in 2024, the third edition of the Project “GenerAZIONE2026 – Sport powered by youth and education” open to Primary, 1st and 2nd Grade Secondary Schools in the territories interested by the Games, in agreement with the Regional School Office for Veneto. Registration will close on January 30, 2024.

Among this year’s novelties is the entry of the Verona Chamber of Commerce into the GenerAZIONE2026 Project team, thus enabling schools and businesses in the city and province of Verona to participate as well.

The 2024 Program – which has already registered the free enrollment of 25 Schools from Treviso, Belluno, Verona – determines a strong media, tourism-economic impact by contributing to the promotion of the image of the territory, thanks to the commitment of the Chambers of Commerce, even beyond the borders.

The Training Project, articulated on different proposals for Schools “GenerAZIONE 2026”, has become part of the “Education Gen26” Program of the Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026  that officially recognizes FICTS activities at Schools.

A cycle of initiatives articulated in different Sections (screenings, drawings, slogans, sports days, etc.) to inspire the new generations and to offer educational and professional paths in the sports sector of major events through the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The priority objective of the Project-which has registered the adherence of 10,000 young people in 2023-is to highlight the spirit of Olympism through an educational action that enables the acquisition of active lifestyles in which sport is understood, in addition to being a vehicle for the promotion of psychophysical well-being, as a tool for social inclusion and integration and training through the direct involvement of young people.

This year the theme “Education 4.0” will cover the proper use of technologies.

The Project, twinned with TROFEI DI MILANO CORTINA 2026(MILAN CORTINA TROPHIES 2026) will include three days at the Brera Arena in Milan (May 8-10) with a wide participation of Veneto Schools. Prizes are up for grabs for Schools, Teachers and participants. Official Rules and Free Registration Form: During the “Tre Giorni” (June 6-7-8) in Venice|Verona|Treviso|Belluno in the Veneto Region (home, with Lombardy, of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games) an International Delegation of entrepreneurs chosen from the 130 countries affiliated with FICTS will be present to develop the joint initiatives proposed by the “Tavolo di lavoro” identified in the “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by Dr Mario Pozza President Assocamerestero – Association of 86 Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCIE) and Prof. Franco Ascani FICTS President – Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs.

It’s about – says Regional Councillor for Education Elena Donazzanan important event, now in its third edition, that combines the educational value of sports practice with the promotion of the values of sport in general and with the beauty of our regional territory. These elements will allow our young people not only to participate in a conscious way in the upcoming Olympic Games of Milan Cortina 2026 but also to have new keys to better face their path of study and work.

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