Already announced on last Summer the new TrevisoBellunosystem APP, directly from Google play

Today we are inviting you again to use TrevisoBellunosystem APP and tell us how your experience was

Promo - published on 07 February 2017

We have developed TrevisoBellunosystem APP to support an easy access to the news that we publish to facilitate the interaction between the economy of a territory and the several daily
commitments, both personal and professional, of each of us.

An interface to keep you always informed. A precise and institutional information that could help to take choices that are more conscious.
The new APP will provide you tbdotcom, the list of the companies of Treviso-Belluno area, developed to create new business opportunities and a tool to promote our enterprises.

We are always delighted to publish, promote and disseminate news about the companies of Treviso-Belluno that free enroll within the section TbDotCom: the online
Treviso-Belluno companies

President Pozza has used such words to inform users about the use of the new Trevisobellunosystem APP.

Today we are inviting you again to use it and tell us how your experience was.

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