ANDREA VARNIER (ITALY) Managing Director of Milano Cortina 2026, MARCO RIVA President of the Lombardy Regional CONI, DINO PONCHIO President of the Veneto Regional CONI

Courses and conferences - published on 15 June 2023

Source: Chamber of Commerce Presidency Press Office

GenerAZIONE2026 the stages of the seminar in Cortina at the 40th FICTS GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

MARCO RIVA President of CONI Lombardy Regional CONI and Vice-President of Panathlon Como. Former Secretary and Director of the CONI Lombardy School of Sport. He is the referent for the world of sport of the Centro Studi Grande Milano. He served as Member of the Organising Committee of Milan for the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship Italy-Bulgaria 2018 and is Vice-President of the Fencing ‘World Cup’ 2023. He is a lecturer in management and communication.

DINO PONCHIO President of Veneto Regional CONI

ANDREA VARNIER Managing Director of Milano Cortina 2026. He was Image and Events Director of the Turin 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and of Lingotto Fiera. He was CEO of Filmmaster Events, IOC Advisor for the Beijing 2008 Games, CEO of Cerimonias Cariocas 2016 (RIO 2016 Games). He was Global Chief Executive Officer of Richard Attias & Associates.

KHUNYING PATAMA (THAILAND) First and only Thai woman elected Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in Treviso and Cortina representing President Thomas Bach, she is an influential businesswoman (steel, hotels, hospitals and real estate). Executive Member of the Olympic Council of Asia and Vice President of the Badminton World Federation. She is Chairman of the Cultural Promotion Fund of the Ministry of Culture, President of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra and Board Member of the Thai Institute of Justice.

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