Arredamont 39th Exhibition of Mountain Furniture and Furnishing Accessories. 29th October – 6th November 2016

Arredamont vom 29. Oktober bis 6. November 2016 Longarone (BL)

Events - published on 26 October 2016

39th Exhibition of Mountain Furniture

and Furnishing Accessories

29th October – 6th November 2016
Opening hours: daily 10:00 – 20:00
2nd – 3rd – 4th November: 15.00 – 20.00
Handcraft Forniture

Pine-wood and fir are the types of wood mainly used in Dolomites, hand-planed by craftsmen who wisely combine tradition and innovation. Under their hands the raw material reborn to a new life in
tables, cabinets, kitchens and home furnishings: that’s Arredamont!
Stube and Stoves…everything about

More than a traditional heating system, the stube is usually a “special” place where wood-paneled walls create a unique warm atmosphere.
Wood-burning stoves are the key player of mountain homes:
typical stoves providing rustic
ambiances and traditional style,
majolica stoves which are a masterpiece
of art and functionality, wood
kitchen stoves.
Rare jewels of the Alpine tradition.
Every year more than 30.000 visitors come to Arredamont from northern Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Swiss…
Longarone: a sort of “door to the Dolomites”, one of the most recognized mountain sites in the world. This is the venue where, every year, you will discover new tastes in furnishing mountain
Wood at first: every village of the Dolomitic area preserves its own wood workshops, where skilled craftsmen create their unique, entirely hand-made work, following the old traditions and
Focus is on mountain homes, for those who live there all the year round and for those who just pass there holidays, as well: solid wood furniture; decorative and structural wooden elements;
majolica stoves and stube reconstructions; wooden windows and doors, parquet floors;
lighting and interior decorations.

Ambience, textiles and interior decoration
A skilful and wise combination of wood and other materials for the culture of a typical interior
decoration: natural stones, iron and recovered materials have a new life in unique projects
combining tradition and new technologies. A charming ambiance is the result of accuracy,
caring of details that you will find in stube and boiseries, interior furnishing and decorations
but also in typical curtains and fabrics.
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