Chaos at the Brenner Pass and new bans – Berton, President of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti: the solution is in Belluno, Veneto and Italy need a new, fast and sustainable outlet to the north: politics – at all levels – must take note of this

Berton: last spring, president Luca Zaia himself had urged minister Matteo Salvini on the issue, who, in turn, had confirmed that the 'dossier' of a northern outlet was on the executive's table.

Economy - published on 05 September 2023

Source: press office Confindustria Belluno|Dolomiti


Belluno, 31 August 2023 – The chaos at the Brenner Pass is over and the solution passes through Belluno: politics, at all levels, must take note. The creation of a sustainable link between Veneto and Europe is a national and European issue. The future of exports – and therefore of our manufacturing and Made in Italy – also depends on this.

This was said by Lorraine Berton, president of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, in the days when inconveniences are multiplying at the Alpine crossings, in particular at the Brenner Pass with the new bans imposed by the Innsbruck authorities ready to go into effect with the first of September.

The increase in traffic that has been recorded in recent weeks at Tarvisio and on the roads of Friuli Venezia Giulia and eastern Veneto shows that no one can stop the economy and the reciprocal needs of interchange between Italy and the rest of Europe. This is why the flows must be redistributed in a sustainable way over the entire Alpine arc – says Berton.

Last spring, President of Veneto region Luca Zaia himself had urged Minister Matteo Salvini on the issue, who, in turn, had confirmed that the ‘dossier’ of an outlet to the north was on the executive’s table. I hope that the issue – after the summer break – will return to the agenda also with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and its president Massimiliano Fedriga. There is a need for an axis between the productive territories of this country.

I am pleased to see that the Via del Mare construction sites will soon open and that there is concrete talk again of the Romea Commerciale between Mestre and Cesena. There is an awareness that without infrastructure there is no growth. The northern outlet is part of this perspective and could make all these connections even more efficient and effective. The Pedemontana Veneta highway – now nearing completion – would also benefit enormously – Berton points out.

Now is the time to seriously plan the future of these territories in the coming decades. Unfortunately, the northern outlet has often been seen as a local issue, a terrain for ideological diatribes and factions. In reality, it is an inescapable national and European issue for a country that is the second largest manufacturing nation in Europe with the Northeast acting as a driving force.

Berton, in the last line, recalls how the outlet to the north has been considered a priority several times by all the economic categories in Belluno and by the trade unions, united in the Table of Infrastructures promoted and coordinated by the same Association of Industrialists. Proof that the living forces of this territory are ready to play their part – Berton concluded.

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