China looks at Sportsystems. Meeting between the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza and the Mayor Marzio Favero.

Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce together with municipalities for the territory strategy.

Economy - published on 27 March 2018

Positive meeting between the President Mario Pozza and the Mayor of Montebelluna Marzio Favero. The meeting has been planned because of the interest of the Chinese
market for the Sportsystems district.

In view of the next 2022 Olympic Games, China is planning action plans and investments in order to guarantee the supply of sport shoes to the Chinese market.

To speed things up – has informed president Pozza – I have already been in contact with the President of the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Davide Cusino to start
an effective relationship able to take into account all cultural and commercial aspects.

As Counsellor of Assocamerestero, company of the Chamber system that brings together the 77 Italian Chambers of Commerce in the world, I will sustain – has specified Pozza – the
importance of a wide collaboration that the Chamber network is capable of.
Thus, a meeting between the Chinese Government and Sportsystems representatives will be planned.

President Pozza and Mayor Favero have also discussed the topic concerning the territorial tourism, sharing the organizational structure and the new agreements required for an
overall planning at Province level that focusses the regional project.

The meeting with President Pozza has been interesting and useful – states Mayor Marzio Favero -. We have discussed about the cooperation request coming from the
Chinese company Mylink to the Montebelluna Sportsystems, in view of the next Winter Olympic Games that will be hosted by China in 2022. Moreover, we have also deepened together some considerations
about the opportunity to foster tourism in Montello, really an eco-museum of the Great War. In fact, the municipalities of Montello and some enlightened private investors are investing more than 12
million Euros for recovering the historical and cultural heritage of such territory.
This is a unique challenge, and the Chamber of Commerce with its Tourism Promotion Consortium is the right and necessary partner for the valorization of all current efforts.

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