Classroom lessons GenerAZIONE2026: 9 april at PIANCA SCHOOL (primary schools)

Emotion, commitment and trying to win.

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Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomites

Six classes and everyone raises their hand to confirm that they do sports: basketball, horse riding, tennis, hockey, swimming, skiing, rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, badminton, skating and “then I take my dog for a run”. Well done kids and parents!!!

They go on to define what sport means to them, related to the sport they play:

Fun, being healthy, social life because you get to know a lot of people, cheerfulness and lightheartedness, “it takes my mind off things”, it’s life because I’ve been doing basketball for so long.

It makes you use the time to do what you want, I skate and then I take my dog for a run.

It represents free time to exercise. My sport hockey represents fun.

I play tennis,’ says one student, ‘it gives me strength, it’s my free time, what we don’t have and it’s very nice.

I do competitive swimming and I’m a regional champion: for me swimming is fun speed, tenacity and it means holding on.

Sport is good because we make a lot of friends, it makes us strong and we have a lot of fun both in tennis and in the pool.

Sport,’ says another pupil, ‘is respect, it’s being attached to a person, making new friends, striving to achieve the goals you want.

For me, doing rhythmic gymnastics means trying to overcome your limits, after a certain moment, you manage to do what you couldn’t do before, thanks to tenacity and commitment.

Artistic gymnastics is like changing your lifestyle and becoming stronger.

During the lesson, the pupils and students were greeted by video greetings from Regional Councillor Elena Donazzan and President Mario Pozza

The meeting continued with the description of the works to be realised by the students, in order to participate in the third edition of GenerAZIONE2026.

  • Your Games in a video” are self-produced videos by the students with the aim of promoting knowledge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,
  • Your Games” Design your “relay race” and your “Olympic Torch”; your “Poster” or your “Sport/Snow and Ice Champion” for the 2026 Games
  • Education 4.0“, description of examples, accompanied by a drawing or a video, in which a correct use of technology or a way to counteract technological dependence is highlighted

Tutor Alessandra, following the promotion of the video on the Olympics and Paralympics, asked about the impressions observed and felt by the classes:

Competition and competition, but also helping others in difficulty because if you don’t help them they still get sick.

Friendship, emotion, fun, effort, endurance, enthusiasm, sadness and diversity.

Friendship and competition to win. Second chance even if you have had accidents you can compete.

And when asked what comes to mind that makes you realise it is the Olympic Games? They answered The torch!!! How do you relate the torch to sport? For me the torch means strength and endurance because if you give up immediately what’s the point of doing what you love. Endurance, intensity, doing what you can.

The fire of the torch represents brotherhood, competition, if you’re losing you have to keep playing until it’s over.

But there are not only answers but also many questions to the tutor: Is there hockey for disabled people? Which football teams can participate in the Olympic Games, what is biathlon?

Prof. Franco Ascani, President of the FICTS, greeted the classes and complimented the students on their preparation.

The lesson ended enthusiastically, with the soundtrack of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic Games “Fino all’alba” (Until dawn) sung by all the students following the official video.

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