Coldiretti Treviso protests in Brussels

The regional president of Coldiretti, Carlo Salvan: "A CAP that does not respect agriculture"

Economy - published on 02 February 2024

Source: press office Coldiretti Treviso


1 February 2024 – The farmers of Coldiretti Treviso are in Brussels for the first European mobilisation against the follies of the European Union that threaten agriculture on the occasion of the extraordinary summit on the EU budget, which is also attended by the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. An initiative to support, among other things, the proposal for a derogation from EU rules on the absurd obligation to leave land uncultivated under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as called for in the plan.
The Treviso delegation is led by vice-president Mattia Mattiuzzo and director Giuseppe Satalino together with Marco De Zotti, delegate of Giovani Impresa Treviso and Veneto.
With the cry ‘This is not the Europe we want’, the Treviso delegation, together with the Veneto delegation led by Carlo Salvan, president of Coldiretti Veneto, and director Marina Montedoro arrived in Place du Luxembourg, in front of the European Parliament, together with colleagues from other Italian regions, from the south and north of the European Union, from the Spanish Asaja to the Portuguese Cap to the Belgians Fwa and many others invading the capital of the Union to transform protests into concrete proposals.

We are here in the heart of the European Union – underlines Coldiretti Trevisowith thousands of farmers to contest once again the EU agricultural policy that we do not like, that criminalises the farmer, that sets excessive conditions and exposes the whole agri-food sector to unfair competition, to loss of profitability as well as nullifying the central role of the farmer as guardian of the territory and producer of healthy food.

We call for a clear stop on imports of products from outside the EU borders that do not meet our own standards. We can no longer put up with this unfair competition, which jeopardises the health of citizens and the survival of agricultural enterprises, –  Giuseppe Satalino also emphasised, echoing the words of National President Prandini.

Coldiretti calls for a return to investing in European food sovereignty and security by ensuring more funds for the Common Agricultural Policy after the pandemic and the wars have shown all the fragility of the European Union in the face of the blockade of world trade, but also the difficulty of the production system disrupted by the violence of climate change, to protect against which we need adequate investment in active and passive defence.

We must increase investment in agriculture, – Satalino continued, – ensuring more support for young people for the generational change in our sector. Without girls and boys in agriculture, Europe will be more fragile and dependent on imports.


Translated by Cecilia Flaccavento
Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomites

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