#Column Adventure in the Bellunese canyon

An excursion to discover the Brent de l'Art

Promo - published on 11 October 2022


Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Another of nature’s masterpieces is the Brent de l’Art, which originated from erosion by the Ardo Torrent that modelled the rock walls to form canyons, uncovering layers of rock formed
millions of years ago. Their name derives from Valbelluna dialect terms, ‘Brent’ meaning a valley bottom stream and ‘Art’ referring to a rocky gorge.
The path that leads to the discovery of this natural treasure chest is not accessible to everyone (especially
for those using pushchairs and wheelchairs). Along the path you will find panels illustrating the local geology, flora and fauna.
The colours and shape of the rocks provide spectacular scenery during your visit. To appreciate the beauty of this setting even more, you can choose to descend the torrent via canyoning, for a fun and adrenaline-filled experience.
The local cuisine offers a variety of dishes based on genuine local products, which you can enjoy at various establishments scattered around the area, including the Bar-Ristorante da Geppo,
Ristorante Pizzeria Tea in Borgo Valbelluna and Trattoria L’Oasi in Limana .
Staying overnight nearby will allow you to extend your stay, continuing the exciting discovery of this area. Structures that might be right for you are:
Agriturismo Casteldardo in Trichiana,
Locanda De Conti in Mel and
some historic Dolomites houses in Val Belluna.

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