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The Alpine Botanical Garden and the Regional Museum of Cansiglio Population

Promo - published on 10 October 2022


Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

In Tambre, near Lake Santa Croce, the “Giangio Lorenzoni” Alpine Botanical Garden will let you discover the rich flora that the Cansiglio Forest preserves within it. Founded in 1972
by Dr. Giovanni Lorenzoni, a professor at the University of Padua, and inaugurated in 1995, the aim of the Garden is to make the natural wealth known, to further scientific research and to protect
the delicate and increasingly threatened Alpine flora.
In the summer, the guided tour will allow you to immerse yourself in a fantastic world where you will
discover the biodiversity of the area, from 300 metres above sea level to the high peaks. Almost 1,000 plant species are preserved here. Along the route, illustrative didactic panels and specific
botanical signs will provide you with opportunities to learn more.
It is also interesting to participate in various events in the park, such as a string concert and the telling of the history and legends of plants.
For children, there is the possibility of participating in workshops and educational activities, also in cooperation with schools of all levels.
Near the Botanical Garden, the “Anna Vieceli” Regional Museum of Man in Cansiglio can help you discover the origins, history and traditions of man in Cansiglio and his relationship with
nature, including a section on biodiversity. Children will be able to fully enjoy the visit through interactive installations.
Nearby you can stop in Farra d’Alpago at Rifugio Alpino
, which offers also various activities, or in Tambre at Agriturismo Le Code or at Agriturismo Filippon to savour the typical cuisine or to stop for the night.
Ristorante La Huta Golf Club Cansiglio and Agriturismo Bar Bianco Cansiglio are suitable places for a break dedicated to local flavours

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