#Column Immerse yourself in the Grotte del Caglieron

The natural caves near Vittorio Veneto

Promo - published on 11 October 2022


Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Close to Vittorio Veneto you can discover the Grotte del Caglieron, whose origin
derives from the homonymous stream that over time has carved a gorge, and from the mining activity of man that has created further hollows.
On the way, you can observe waterfalls and limestone walls that offer an impressive view. The symphony of nature, with the flow of the Torrente Caglieron and the singing of crickets, cicadas and
birds will cheer your walk.
It is important to note the presence of a barrier-free route, which makes the visit accessible to all, and the possibility of organising guided tours.
The first cave, Grotta dei Breda, is one of the largest caves.
Next you will encounter the Grotta della Madonna, a spiritual place dedicated to the Virgin Mary, where, if you wish, you can take a few minutes of prayer.
Further on, a footbridge will lead you to the Grotta di San Lucio, now used for the dairy process of a local company.
The Grotta di Santa Barbara will fascinate you with its structure, and it is curious to know that once it was a mushroom farm.
The path will then lead you to an old mill where you will also find a restaurant where you can have a break. On the way back, you can visit the Stonemason’s Museum, which illustrates the
art of stone-working.
Near this natural treasure chest, you can also visit the Bosco dell’Arte, where you can discover the masterpieces
that nature has to offer and the works that nature has inspired in artists.
Savour traditional flavours in nearby restaurants, among which we can mention Ristorante Alle Grotte da Nereo, Ristorante Mainor, Osteria con cucina Chies Milva and Ristorante Dal Selvaggio in
Vittorio Veneto,
In the vicinity it is possible to stay at various facilities, such as:
in Vittorio Veneto Albergo Ristorante Flora.

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