#Column Walks between nature and history: Montello and Colli Asolani

Green hills, guardians of the memory of the Great War

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Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Near Montebelluna, Montello is a hill bordered to the north by the Piave river and
characterised by the presence of karst phenomena that have shaped its territory, with valleys and caves.

You can visit the caves at the foot of Montello, there are about 80 of different sizes.

The most famous one, the Grotta del Tavaran Grando, is near the path of the First World War bunkers. You can see other testimonies
of the Great War at the Montello Military Memorial, the Francesco Baracca Monument, the MeVe Veneto
Memorial of the Great War and the Abbey of Sant’Eustachio.

In the woods, you will be fascinated by the majesty of the oaks, birches, beeches and chestnut trees. During the autumn season, do
not miss the search and tasting of porcini and chanterelle mushrooms. With a bit of luck, you may spot squirrels, foxes, hares, weasels, beech martens, badgers, fallow deer, roe deer, barn owls,
woodcocks, honey buzzards, owls and buzzards.

You can discover the Montello forest by following numerous routes of varying difficulty on foot, on horseback, in the company of
alpacas or by mountain bike, you will also have the possibility to rent e-bikes. The ‘Stradone del bosco’, which
encloses a large part of Montello, is an easy route suitable for everyone, as the parallel ‘La Tradotta’ cycle/pedestrian path on the southern slope.

Venture out to Ai Pioppi, an interesting playground
that operates without electricity, where the attractions were built by hand more than 50 years ago.



Savour the tastes and aromas of the culinary tradition in the many agritourisms and restaurants dotted around the Hill, we can
mention Ristorante alla Baita and Antica Trattoria Agnoletti in Giavera del Montello, Trattoria da Sbeghen in Volpago del Montello,
Ristorante la Panoramica in Nervesa della Battaglia.

Extending your holiday in these areas will allow you to continue your discovery of the entire province, we recommend excellent
local establishments where you can stay such as Agriturismo Morgan at the foot of Montello, Bed & Breakfast
Al Bagolaro in Crocetta del Montello e Bed & Breakfast La Valle in Nervesa della Battaglia.

I Colli Asolani
Colli Asolani offer a total immersion in nature through a wide variety of routes that can be
You can reach the Rocca di Asolo, the Rocca di Cornuda and the Chiesetta di San Giorgio, places from where you can enjoy views of
the rest of the province and from where you can set off on various walks.
A longer route that includes the above-mentioned sites is the Due Rocche route. Following it you will cross the territory and the
Bosco di Fagarè. On this route every 25 April takes place the Due Rocche walk , which welcomes thousands of participants on
various tracks.
If you are an experienced mountain biker, the Forcella Mostaccin pass is the destination for you.
On most of the hikes you will also see trenches from the Great War.
Nearby you can make pleasant stops at various locals, among which we recommend Agriturismo Agriturismo Col dei Gelsi and Osteria Alla Chiesa a Monfumo
and Agriturismo Le Cornolere in Castelcucco.
To extend your stay in these areas, we recommend some accommodation facilities surrounded by nature, such as Agriturismo Al Capitello in Monfumo, Hotel Villa
in Crespano di Pieve del Grappa and Bed & Breakfast Casasolana in Asolo.
I Colli Asolani

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