Conference: “Venetarium 2 – Venetian Writers on Literature, Business and Employment”

Events - published on 17 January 2024

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The appointment with “Venetarium”, the conference promoted by the TrevisoAssociazione Amici di Comisso for a reflection on Veneto literary culture, is back, with the collaboration of the Treviso Belluno Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Veneto Est and iNest Interconnected Northeast Innovation Ecosystem and the sponsorship of the City of Treviso and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with its Department of Humanities.

The meeting, open to the public, will be held on Friday, January 26 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Palazzo Giacomelli – Spazio Confindustria Veneto Est in Treviso (Piazza Garibaldi 13) and is always organized by Gianluigi Bodi, founder of the blog, and Alessandro Cinquegrani, Full Professor of Contemporary Italian Literature at Ca’ Foscari University.

If last year’s event was dedicated to the voices of Venetian fiction, with ten young writers recounting their relationship with the territory and cultural tradition expressed by this region, Venetarium 2 looks at Literature Enterprise Employment, factors that often in narrative and common sense connote the Veneto region and its people.

In Veneto – Alessandro Cinquegrani and Gianluigi Bodi explain – there was a conflict between the economic world, focused on work and profit, and the humanistic world, based on noble futility. For the past few years, however, this conflict seems aimed if not at a solution at least at a redefinition.
We are in the midst of change: businesses are seeking collaborations from artists and writers, and writers are looking at this world with renewed curiosity. Therefore, it is time to question the relationship between literature, business and labor from different perspectives: where do we stand with respect to the conflict of yesteryear? Are its consequences still being felt, or are we living in the midst of a new era marked by an unprecedented synergy? The conference will try to answer these questions.

“Literature and Work” is the title of the morning session, introduced by Alessandro Cinquegrani. Micro Artuso will then read excerpts from “Works” by Vitaliano Trevisan (two years after the death of the writer from Vicenza and the reissue in Einaudi’s “Trilogia di Thomas” of his early works). This will be followed by talks by Romolo Bugaro (Northeast and work), Giulio Mozzi (Work in publishing) and Antonio Bortoluzzi (How things are done – The ethics of work).

The afternoon session looks at “Literature and Business” with dialogues between Giuseppe Lupo and Fabrizio Panozzo (The Narratives of Enterprise in the Twentieth Century), Ginevra Amadio and Elisa Gera (The Factory of Beauty), Renzo di Renzo and Valentina Durante (Narrazioni al plurale), and a talk by Fulvio Ervas (Writing detective stories about entrepreneurship in Veneto).

Enterprise and work represent a core of meaning, cultural values and even stereotypes, which in recent decades have given the Veneto people recognition and thus have also been expressed in literary works – says Ennio Bianco, president of the Associazione Amici di Comisso – at least since ‘Il Padrone’ by Goffredo Parise, who also wrote about the ‘barbaric’ Veneto, this junction becomes a reason for identification, openness but increasingly also conflict, which now operates in an economic and social context grappling with an established business but also with fewer and fewer young people and in a globalized context in strong and discontinuous evolution. Venetarium 2 will present the views of our writers and with them intellectuals, teachers and entrepreneurs. In the memory of Vitaliano Trevisan, another decisive junction of this journey (I recommend watching the video he sent us to the Associazione Amici di Comisso with his personal reading of a passage from Beckett’s ‘Malone dies’ with his hands in the foreground.

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