Construction, the Autonomous Section Ance Rovigo Treviso is born within Confindustria Veneto Est

Around two hundred member companies. Paola Carron President and Alex Saggia Deputy Vice President

Economy - published on 20 November 2023

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(Padua-Treviso-Venice-Rovigo – 16.11.2023) – A single autonomous Ance Rovigo-Treviso Section has been created within Confindustria Veneto Est, bringing together the building constructors of the two territories. Over the past few days, the respective Executive Boards have given the go-ahead to the merger project, approving the regulations of the single Section. A decision that was then unanimously approved by the two assemblies of members. On 14 November in the General Council of Confindustria Veneto Est there was instead the ratification by the Association according to the statutory regulations.

I would like to thank the Presidents of Ance Treviso and Ance Rovigo, Paola Carron and Alex Saggia, for having pursued this integration with conviction, which is consistent with the associative project promoted by Confindustria Veneto Est. The recent agreement with Ance Venezia opens up further growth prospects that will allow the essential contribution of construction companies in the development of our territory to be better represented – says Confindustria Veneto Est President Leopoldo Destro.

The future steps of the new Section envisage that until the first elective Assembly, scheduled for autumn 2024, the office of President will be held by Paola Carron with Alex Saggia as Deputy Vice-President. As far as the other corporate bodies are concerned, a governance model has been adopted that is in line with that of Confindustria Veneto Est, both in terms of managing the transitional phase and representing the territories.

Never before has the construction sector needed cohesive and authoritative representation at territorial level as in this phase. In Confindustria Veneto Est we immediately found the right environment to start the collaboration and now the integration between the two Ance sections, with the aim of creating the conditions for further collaboration in the territories – says Paola Carron, President of the autonomous Ance Rovigo Treviso Section and Vice-President of Confindustria Veneto Est.

Our Rovigo-Treviso Section now counts about two hundred industrial construction companies and strengthens its presence in all territorial tables, starting with the Cassa Edile CEIV, which for some years now has been uniting the builders of Treviso and Rovigo together with those of Padua, and which operates in decisive matters such as safety, welfare, and social security for workers in our sector – says Alex Saggia, Vice-President of the Autonomous Section Ance Rovigo-Treviso.

Secretary and Section Manager will be Felice Costa in coordination with Paolo Antonello, Head of the Territory, Urban Planning, Transport and Ance Sections Area in Confindustria Veneto Est.

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