Councillor Marcato meets Enel Distribuzione

"A EUR 796 million development plan to improve infrastructure safety and aim for energy transition".

Promo - published on 26 July 2023

Source: Veneto Regional Council Press Office

(AVN) – Venice, 25 July 2023
796 million euros are envisaged in the new Enel-distribuzione ‘PNRR Regione Veneto’ plan for the three-year period 2023-2025, 247 million of which are earmarked for 2023. This is an increase of 7 per cent compared to 2022, which will make it possible to better manage both the increase in energy load and the challenges posed by climate change-related events such as the natural disasters that have devastated much of the Veneto region in recent days. The investment will focus mainly on electrifying the consumption of 376 thousand customers, with an increased hosting capacity of 500 megawatts. This is a plan that demonstrates great attention and interest in the Veneto region, and which will produce important spin-offs in terms of customer services, contribution to economic growth, infrastructure safety, attention to the environment, and the centrality of the energy transition issue.

With these words the Regional Councillor for Economic Development and Energy, Roberto Marcato, expressed satisfaction with the three-year Strategic Plan presented today at Palazzo Balbi by e-distribuzione, an Enel Group company.

We have shared with e-distribuzione’s representatives a plan that involves all the provinces with the creation of infrastructure and services that are essential for the entire community, but above all have a low environmental impact – Marcato continued. – I express great satisfaction for the sensitivity shown by Enel, represented by interventions that will lead to the creation of an increasingly resilient, flexible and efficient network, which will also take into account the criticalities and development potential of individual territories.

Specifically, the plan includes interventions for the electrification of secondary substations and low-voltage lines, as well as the upgrading of the medium-voltage network.

Investments on the grid also concern the construction of new primary substations, a fundamental node in that it receives electricity from the High Voltage lines of the National Transmission Grid in order to transform it into Medium Voltage and distribute it widely to citizens and businesses.

The PNRR investment plan in the distribution network in Veneto envisages work on 184 kilometres of medium voltage lines that will increase the meshing and ensure a positive impact on 802 kilometres of the existing network, increasing its resilience.

25 July 2023

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