Firms: active balance between July and September (+15,400)

More openings and fewer closures than in 2022, but the vitality of the entrepreneurial system remains very subdued

Economy - published on 24 October 2023

Source: Unioncamere press office

Rome, Oct. 23 2023 – Slight recovery in the vitality of the Italian business system in the summer quarter. Between July and September, the Business Register of the Chambers of Commerce –  based on Movimprese, the quarterly analysis conducted by Unioncamere and InfoCamere – detected a positive balance of 15,407 economic activities (+0.26% compared to the end of June), as the difference between 59,236 new registrations and 43,8299 cessations of activity (all data are available at

In absolute terms, the quarter’s result reflects a subdued vitality of the entrepreneurial system: the balance is below the average of the last decade, and the two flows of openings and closures are reported to be among the least brilliant of the period.

The positive sign distinguishes all the regions and all the macro-areas of the country, with Lazio standing out in terms of growth rate over the previous quarter (+0.44%) thanks to the boost from Rome (+0.5%). In absolute terms, however, the greatest expansion of the entrepreneurial base was in Lombardy (+3,334 companies equal to a growth rate of 0.35%), where Milan achieves a performance (+0.49%) in line with that of the country’s capital.

Almost a quarter of the balance is the prerogative of the construction sector (4,213 more businesses than at the end of June, corresponding to a growth of 0.5%) but the strongest rate is reported for professional, scientific and technical activities (+1.1% corresponding to 2,597 more businesses in the quarter). Also in evidence are accommodation and restaurant activities: +2,825 units, corresponding to a growth of 0.62% compared to the end of June. At the pole were the trade and manufacturing sectors, both with a growth rate of less than 0.1% while (unique among all sectors) agriculture, forestry and fishing (-0.1%) ended in the negative range.

One out of every three businesses (19,929) is established in the form of a capital compa, which, once again in this quarter, is confirmed as the most dynamic organizational formula (+0.68% growth rate, equal to a balance between entries and exits that stands at 12,658 units, 82% of the entire quarterly balance). In absolute terms, the sole proprietorship (with 35,531 registrations in the quarter) remains the main organizational form chosen by new entrepreneurs but, compared to the 31,596 closures noted in the period, it contributes only 3,935 units to the quarterly balance (equal to a quarterly growth rate of +0.13%).

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