First 50 years of activity for Feinar – President Berton’s wishes: ‘Bellunese excellence that looks to the future, proud of the path we have travelled together

The Mier headquarters opened its doors to yesterday's and today's employees. General Manager Tomasini: 'Our thanks go to everyone'.

Economy - published on 28 August 2023

Source: press office Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti

Belluno, 10 July 2023 – An important milestone for an all-Belluno excellence: Feinar has completed its first fifty years at the service of companies, a Dolomite pride rooted in the territory and looking to the future.

It was in fact 1973 when the announcement of the establishment of, the Federation between the Association of Industrialists and the Union of Artisans of the Province of Belluno, was published in the Province of Belluno’s legal gazette. Thus was born, on the initiative of today’s Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and Confartigianato Imprese Belluno, a new organisation with the aim of assisting companies in the area in a phase of great change for economic, financial and corporate compliance.

Feinar celebrated the anniversary with a party held at its headquarters in Belluno, Mier, yesterday, Sunday 9 July. The event was open to all employees, family members, friends and retired colleagues who took part and made possible a 50-year-long journey, thanks to which Feinar Srl is today an important consulting and services company, with offices in the provinces of Belluno and Padua, and is at the side of small, medium-sized enterprises and large international industrial groups with offices throughout Italy, providing a wide range of accounting, tax and corporate services, payroll processing services, labour consulting and management of obligations and relations with institutes, and occupational safety services.

We planned this day to celebrate our first 50 years in business. An important milestone to be celebrated with all our employees but also with their families, emphasises Andrea Tomasini, General Manager of Feinar. An event with which we wanted to thank the entire team for their valuable and daily commitment.

If Feinar has become a point of reference for hundreds of companies in and outside the Belluno region, it is thanks to its employees, who are always up-to-date and prepared, says Lorraine Berton, President of Feinar and President of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti. In a country like ours – made up of an asphyxiating and hypertrophic bureaucracy – Feinar has been a lighthouse: it has brought clarity where often there was and is chaos. Over time, a recognised and recognisable model has been built.

Furthermore, Berton points out, if this province remains one of the most productive and manufacturing provinces in Italy and Europe, it is also thanks to the presence here in Belluno and in the various branches of the area of a service such as that guaranteed by Feinar.

During the celebrations, Berton also wished to thank Livio Gallio, the company’s historic director, describing him as a solid guide with a clear and far-sighted vision.

Today, the road is marked out, but developments are – if possible – even faster than in the recent past. We have seen this with Covid but also with a very rapid 4.0 transition.

In the short term, we will also be called upon to support the companies in this area in view of the 2026 Olympics, a strategic appointment to continue to keep the mountains alive and look towards a truly sustainable future. On this too – I am certain – Feinar will play a fundamental role, Berton concluded.

All members of the board of directors were present at the event: in addition to Berton, vice-president Claudia Scarzanella and board members Michele Basso, Paolo Candiago, Andrea Ferrazzi and Cristiano Gaggion.

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