Fishing-tourism to promote the Belluno Dolomites at Caccia Pesca Natura 2024. Presentation of the project by the Dmo on 13 April.

How rod and line can become a 'holiday product'.

Events - published on 12 April 2024

Source: Longarone Fiere Dolomiti press office

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are fishermen who come from North America to fish for pike in the lake of Centro Cadore. And others who take hours and hours of flight time to fish for trout on the Piave River, with a view of the Belluno Dolomites. Fishing therefore already moves tourist presences. But can it become even more of a holiday proposition? The answer is yes. And it will be illustrated by the Dmo Dolomiti Bellunesi and the Province of Belluno in a talk on the subject at ‘Hunting, Fishing, Nature’, the national exhibition of products and services for hunting and wildlife, and for the outdoors, to be held at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti from 12 to 14 April.

“It is by now well known how the competitive and amateur sport of fishing has become an integral part of the tourism and territorial offer of the Veneto region, and in particular of the province of Belluno, characterised by a rich offer and a varied network of waterways – lakes, rivers and streams. The province of Belluno therefore offers one of the richest fishing areas at regional and national level, with a large number of enthusiasts visiting our territories every year to enjoy this wonderful experience,” says Valentina Colleselli, director of Dmo Dolomiti Bellunesi.

From the point of view of the sporting offer, the Veneto Region has recently presented the Interactive Cartographic Portal of the Regional Fishing Map, a useful tool for fishermen to access a series of cartographic data in a simple and immediate way, including fishing areas, competition fields, seeding areas, biological rest areas, and the like. Thanks to the recent renewal of the concessions for the management of the basins, the Province of Belluno has launched a coordinated work table, which will bring the territory and the managing bodies to work together for an increasingly integrated development of this important sporting product with the provincial tourism system, with a view to co-programming and co-planning.

“As part of this process,” continues Colleselli, “the province will therefore collaborate with the Dolomiti Bellunesi Dmo Foundation, the body in charge of managing and promoting tourism in the Dolomiti Bellunesi destination, to develop a tourist offer dedicated to users, sportsmen and visitors, both Italian and foreign, who are interested in this sporting activity, which offers the opportunity for an unprecedented knowledge of the territory and its natural heritage, as well as the important biodiversity offered by our waterways.

“Sport fishing as a tourism proposal, digital services, and territorial promotion’ is the title of the in-depth discussion scheduled for Saturday 13 April, at 12 noon in the meeting area: it will be used to share the path that has been started. It will focus on the renewal of the 12 Fishing Basins in the Province of Belluno, the work of the comparison table, and the provincial sports fishing proposal. The experience of the fishing basins and the new digital reservation systems will be illustrated. Then, specific panel on sport fishing as a tourism and holiday proposal: the role of guides and experts, and the use of integrated digital services for tourists and basin authorities. Promotion through the destination tourism portal‘.

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