For the first time the Liceo Artistico participates in the CSR & Legality Ideas Competition and wins the first prize of 4,000 euros

2nd place: euro 3,000.00 for each of the 2 categories in the competition. The next edition 2022 has 2 innovative aspects!

Economy - published on 15 December 2021
Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
Treviso, 14 December | The first prize of 4 thousand euros, in the category Business legality, was won by the Liceo Artistico Statale of Treviso, which for the first time took part in
the Ideas Competition of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti and did so with the video “Business legality: the rating”, presented by class 5^E.
The IISS “Marco Fanno” of Conegliano was awarded a prize in the Corporate Sustainability category with two videos:
1st place “The City of Flowers” – 2nd place
The 5th “CSR & Legality” Competition of Ideas called for the production of a video of a maximum duration of 10 minutes for the cultural dissemination of economic, environmental and social
sustainability and corporate legality.
I am very attached to this award, which for five years now has seen dialogue between the Chamber of Commerce and the schools of Treviso and Belluno, – said President Mario Pozza.-
The regret is the low participation of schools in Belluno. This prize is organised in many stages and involves many players, as well as an important budget which, together with the Board, we
have decided to increase to 18,000 euro for the next edition.
Since the beginning of my term of office, I have always focused on our future, and our future is young people.
The certainty, therefore, is that we must invest in young people to share important themes such as legality, corporate social responsibility and, with the ‘Generation 2026’ project, the
Olympic values in view of Milan-Cortina 2026.
A praise goes to the students and teachers who worked mostly remotely due to the COVID-19 emergency. The Institution therefore did not want to exclude anyone and is publishing all 16 videos
received on its web and social channels. These achievements are valuable insights from the students in a dialogue that certainly makes everyone richer in content and vision.
STATIC ARTISTIC HIGH SCHOOL OF TREVISO “Legality of business: the rating”.
The video “Legality of business: the rating” is overall one of the best received from a graphic point of view. The contents are clearly presented and concern a topic relevant to the functions and
competences of the Chamber of Commerce and are suitable for dissemination to businesses interfacing with the Chamber. In view of the context and timing of the call, the merit of the work carried
out, which was inevitably done remotely or with severe limitations on face-to-face teamwork, must be recognised.
The motivations for the prizes for the IISS “Marco Fanno concern for both videos “The city of flowers” and “Aenterprise” the graphic quality of the product, the ability to clearly
communicate a message, the completeness of the information.
The Evaluation Committee, composed of Dr. Manica Silvana, Head of the Sector and President of the Evaluation Committee of the CCIAA TB and four representatives of Trade Associations and the
Treviso Territorial School Office, part of the CSR Technical Table, appreciated the commitment and quality of the videos presented.
For the Liceo Artistico Statale of Treviso:
Professors Anna Osellame (project referent) and Chiara Toffolo and students of 5^ E a.s. 2020/21: Ardizzoni Maria Vittoria, Berseneva Dalbò Elizaveta, Bianchin Sonia, Calcagnotto
Francesco, Cester Sonia, Dal Poz Elena, Lattanza Angela, Schiavon Elena.
For IISS “Marco Fanno” of Conegliano:
-Video “The city of flowers”: professors Sonia Dalto (she was the project referent; now prof. at Mazzotti in Treviso), Cristina Buffoni, Serena Dal Col, Adele Procopio and students of
4^ E RIM a.s. 2020/21 Perin Jacopo, Salvador Serena, Vizzotto Nicole, Zanardo Alessia;
– “Aenterprise” video: professors Sonia Dalto (she was the project referent; now professor at Mazzotti in Treviso), Cristina Buffoni, Serena Dal Col, Adele Procopio and students of 4^ E RIM
a.s. 2020/21 Poles Andrea, Scotton Alice, Spinazzè Alessia, Tonello Aurora.
The Chamber of Commerce is already ready with the next edition of the 6th Ideas Competition which has 2 innovative aspects:
In addition to high schools, middle schools and primary schools will also be able to participate (there will be 3 different rankings) giving a strong signal of recognition and importance to the
whole compulsory school education cycle, which has the task of forming responsible citizens and entrepreneurs.
The subject of the new “Circolar…Mente” Ideas Competition will require a more concrete approach to the circular economy: creation of an original prototype (usable object, furniture,
design, etc.) assembled from waste materials, chosen by the participants and coming from households and/or production plants.
The overall ceiling of EUR 18,000.00 will be divided between the winners and the categories in the competition:
A) secondary schools, CFPs and Vocational Training Schools: there will be 1 prize of 2,500.00 euro for each of the 3 categories in competition.
B) upper secondary schools: 1 prize of 2,500.00 euros for each of the 3 categories in competition.
C) primary schools: one prize of 1,000.00 euros for each of the three categories in competition.
The call for entries has just been approved by the last Chamber of Commerce Council and the promotion will soon be activated. The formula has been confirmed: a non-binding pre-registration form
must be sent no later than Friday 17 December 2021, while applications to take part in the competition must be sent no later than Friday 29 April 2022, at midnight.

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