Classroom lessons GenerAZIONE2026: tuesday 9 april at MARTA MINERBI (1st grade secondary school)

Courses and conferences - published on 11 April 2024

There are six connected classes at the MARTA MINERBI Institute (Secondary 1). Congratulations to the teachers!!!

Nice to know that to the question: who does sport? All the classes answer that most of the pupils play sport.

To the question: what is sport for you? The answers are really interesting:

For class 1 E, sport represents passion, fun, participation, discipline, fair play.

For class 1 F, sport is friendship, fun and team play

For class I F: sport is competition, trying your best

For class I E: sport is emotion, help in a difficult moment (fall), crying with happiness.

In addition, a pupil says verbally that it is a time to let off steam, to make friends. and a pupil points out that sport is the happiness of doing the sport you love, it is fair play which means being kind to an opponent, respectful towards the rules.

Questions about Olympic symbols, dates and places, the meaning of the two logos follow.

Class interaction continued with a question from the 1G pupils: “why did Italy present two cities and not just one for the Olympics?”

which was personally answered live by Ficts President Prof. Franco Ascani.


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