Grand Opening Ceremony! A magical night.

Sport - published on 30 June 2017


It will be one of the most spectacular moments of the World Championships and it will take place in the streets of Feltre, starting outside the city walls and culminating in Piazza
Maggiore. Over 400 people will take part in the two processions will leave four different points to meet under the majestic monumental Renaissance arch – Porta
Imperiale – at about 7.30pm, before beginning the ascent to the church of San Rocco.

Competing pilots – from 48 nations – accompanied by dignitaries, Medieval-costumed flag-throwers and drummers from the four Palio districts, will thread their way
through the city of Feltre. An evocative and iconic way to welcome our international guests, by recounting the history and traditions that Feltre has to offer, through a succession of
colours and flags, framed by the magnificent frescoes of the palazzi in via Mezzaterra.

At about 8pm the official presentation of the teams in Piazza Maggiore will start. Everyone will be able to watch on the two giant
wall-screens at the side of the stage, which will keep running even when you are dancing to music from the live band Maci’s Mobile. At the same time the
buildings around Piazza Maggiore will become a screen for flight stories. As night falls and you start to dream, it all creates an unforgettable atmosphere. A
magical night, not to be missed.

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