In town but off-road: the Treviso Urban Trail – Centromarca Banca is presented

Presented this morning at the City Hall in Treviso, the urban trail running event that debuted successfully last year: it will run for 10.1 km along the ups and downs of the historic centre, alternating between dirt and cobblestones and touching no less than 11 squares. Entries are still open: already more than 500 have registered. The 'Venturino Cagnato' Trophy will be awarded to the largest company. Start at 8.30 p.m. from the Walls, front light for all

Sport - published on 21 September 2023

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Treviso, 18 September 2023 – The mountain goes into the city. This time, there are no trails and peaks to climb, but steps, bridges and fountains to dash over. Running at breakneck speed. Or walking, for those who will enjoy the city without hurrying, taking advantage of the evening hours.

The challenge is about to start: in four days, Friday 22 September, the second edition of the Treviso Urban Trail – CentroMarca Banca will be staged, an original event that Asd Corritreviso – a sports club that has been organising the event of the same name at the beginning of June since 1990 and was one of the creators of Treviso in Rosa, the most popular women’s race in Italy – is developing with patience and dedication.

Prepare your torch, shoes and a little bit of breath,- commented the mayor Mario Conte at the presentation of the event, which took place today in Treviso City Hall, flanked by the councillor for Sport, Alessandro Manera. ‘I would like to thank those who support the event, first and foremost CentroMarca Banca and the Municipal Avis. But I would also like to emphasise the role of the organisers: Asd Corritreviso is a group of runners that bases its activities on important values and deeply loves the city, so much so that it has now become, with its group training sessions, a safety watchdog in the city centre and neighbourhoods.

The basic ingredients of the Treviso Urban Trail – CentroMarca Banca
The splendid setting of the historic city centre, the darkness of the evening illuminated by the headlamps obligatorily required of participants, a distance – 10.1 km, with a positive height difference of 111 metres – suitable for anyone, not just the most advanced runners.

The race (or walk) will be open to everyone: there will be a competitive part, for which the minimum requirement for participation is a medical certificate (last year the fastest were Tiziano Scatolin and Giulia Delgado), and a recreational-motor part, with free participation.

For everyone, the Treviso Urban Trail – CentroMarca Banca will offer climbs and descents, dirt and cobblestones. And then steps, bridges. A long look at the tranquil course of the Sile river, more evocative than ever during the evening hours. And the unfailing passage in Piazza dei Signori. Even though the race will take place along largely alternative routes, little or nothing travelled by the many Treviso running events scheduled throughout the year.

The idea is gaining success: as of yesterday evening, there were already over 500 registered participants. Registrations will continue until midnight tomorrow, Tuesday 19 September, and will open again on Friday 22 September, at the race secretariat, on the Walls, from 6.30 p.m.: the goal is to reach 600.

The Urban Trail was born to enhance the most hidden corners of Treviso, those parts of the city that are perhaps less known, but equally fascinating,- commented Enrico Caldato, president of Asd Corritreviso. The historic centre is not as flat as it seems, the first to point this out to us were the participants in the Corritreviso and we took up the challenge of an event in the city but complicated, so to speak, by every possible variation in gradient and road surface. Last year was a success, there are all the premises for a repeat.

Among the partners of the Treviso Urban Trail – CentroMarca Banca is Treviso Avis Association. Thank you for allowing Avis to show itself and raise awareness for such an important gift as blood, – said Antonella Torresan, president of Treviso Avis Association . Sport means a correct lifestyle, a healthy environment, full of young people. The Treviso Urban Trail from this year will be dedicated to Venturino Cagnato, a very important person for the life of associations in the city, the Alpini and Avis itself. Venturino was a man of boundless generosity, who is greatly missed. To his memory, the Avis, which is celebrating its 97th anniversary in Treviso, and the Alpini will dedicate a trophy that will reward the most numerous society.

We are proud to support the Treviso Urban Trail – CentroMarca Banca, a unique opportunity to explore our beautiful city in an active and engaging way, during which Treviso will be transformed into an open-air gym, revealing, thanks to the lights of the participants, beautiful views unknown to many – the words of Claudio Alessandrini, General Manager of CentroMarca Banca, title sponsor of the event, represented at the press conference by area manager Pierpaolo De Pazzi -. We would like to thank the organisers and the entire Corritreviso team, which with dedication carries out this event, an important appointment for running enthusiasts from all over Italy, offering them the unique opportunity to admire the beauty of our Treviso; we invite everyone to join us in this adventure, to run together for the sake of well-being, celebrating the power of sport in strengthening our community.

Over the past few days the organisers have completed their inspections of the route, defining a partly new – and even more beautiful – route compared to last year’s edition. Just think: as many as 11 squares in the historic centre will be touched by the race. The start will take place at 20.30 from the city walls, with the large Bastione San Marco to welcome the pre- and post-race services. The first kilometre of the race will offer the dirt track of the ancient Walls. Then the route will enter the heart of the city, passing Via San Francesco, Piazzetta San Parisio and then Piazza Indipendenza.

Immediately after Piazza Borsa square, the route will enter the Giardinetti Sant’Andrea gardens and from there it will head towards the steep ascent along the fountain of Piazza Sant’Andrea square, the highest point of the city, which will force more than a few to bend on their knees. From here, after short but continuous ups and downs, the route of the Treviso Urban Trail, passing through another four squares (Filodrammatici, San Pancrazio, San Leonardo and Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore) will move into the university area and begin to follow the course of the Sile river, along Riviera Garibaldi, Riviera Santa Margherita, Lungosile Mattei and Viale Trento Trieste, where it will run on the dirt path that accompanies the cycle track.

Shortly after the entrance from Porta Calvi, the route will head back towards the city centre, crossing Piazza Trentin square, passing by the town hall and heading towards Piazza Rinaldi square. The return to San Francesco will take the athletes back to the Walls: the climb – a demanding one – will take place via the concrete ramp. This will be the last ‘up & down’, with the athletes descending immediately towards Piazzale Burchiellati, leaving the Walls via varco di San Bartolomeo and running on the cycle path to varco Caccianiga, near which the climb back up to the Walls will take place, before heading straight for the finish line, which will coincide with the start.


All information on the event is available at  and on the event’s official Facebook page (TrevisoUrbanTrail). The Treviso Urban Trail – CentroMarca Banca promises entertainment and lots of fun: in the city yes, but off-road.


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