Investing in Treviso and Belluno for sustainable development, presentation by Dr Renato Chahinian

Readers will gradually be able to identify, share and successfully plan possible new virtuous investments, capable of ensuring a fair return for their invested capital

Economy - published on 23 April 2024

Source: Press office precidency Camera di Commercio di Treviso Belluno | Dolomites


The Chamber of Commerce’s Portal Trevisobellunosystem has launched a new section entitled Investing in Treviso and Belluno to promote and direct new investments in the two Veneto provinces, Treviso and Belluno, under the jurisdiction of this Chamber of Commerce.

The aim of the initiative is not only to encourage local investors to undertake more investments in their own territory, but also to attract new investments from abroad, both from other territories in Italy and abroad. Therefore, it is to illustrate the reasons and opportunities for attracting new investments for a development that will certainly benefit the local economy, but which can also bring its beneficial effects to the investors themselves, both in terms of a fair profit, and by meeting the requirements of sustainable development for a better social and environmental order, thus contributing to the improvement of the whole planet and future generations. The individual investing its savings in sustainable development, in fact, partly renounces the maximum short-term profit, in order to promote general development for the benefit of all, which will therefore also enable him to obtain greater profits in the long term.

With this in mind, we present the main reasons for the attraction of our territory, in which:

– social investments are already present, but need to be more decisively implemented and enhanced in order to be known and appreciated;

– environmental investments are still in their beginnings, but can involve all productive sectors (agricultural, industrial and tertiary);

– there are two world recognitions by Unesco, as World Heritage Sites, which appreciate the Dolomites (as a natural landscape) and the Prosecco Hills (as a human landscape). The aim is to make them known to the whole of humanity and to enhance the landscapes, contexts and people living there;

– the Winter Olympics are scheduled for February 2026, an exceptional event at global level, which, beyond the important sporting competitions, will draw the attention of the entire planet to the values of peace, sport and sustainable development, with countless opportunities for new investments that go far beyond the time limits of the competitive event.

The description of the various favourable opportunities and the in-depth examination of the issues related to these are precisely the subject of this column. In this issue we reproduce the articles already published, which serve as an initial orientation on the issues under consideration, but later we will continue to periodically detail and delve deeper into the contents and investment strategies that make sustainable investments in the two provinces of Treviso and Belluno more efficient and effective.

Readers will gradually be able to identify, share and successfully plan possible new virtuous investments, capable of ensuring a fair return for their invested capital, on the one hand, and the positive impacts of their actions on the entire community in a general three-dimensional aspect (economic, social and environmental), on the other.

This is also the priority wish of the Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Renato Chahinian



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