New calls for proposals for the MiC/DGCA and MIM School Cinema Plan announced at #Venice80.

Among the examples of excellent results of the projects funded in the past edition was the short film 'BUCA LA BOLLA', made for 'Ciak Junior' with a group of young people from the Provincial Students' Council of Treviso.

Events - published on 05 September 2023

Source: Gruppo Alcuni press office

On Thursday 31 August at 10 a.m. at the Italian Pavilion of the Hotel Excelsior, as part of the events of the Venice Film Festival, the Ministry of Culture presented the new calls for proposals of the Piano Cinema per la Scuola (Cinema Plan for Schools) and gave an account of the results of the previous edition’s funding.

On this occasion, Francesco Manfio, executive producer of Gruppo Alcuni, presented “Ciak Junior“, a project of short films written and made in schools, conceived together with his brother Sergio Manfio, who is the director of the films. With great determination, Gli Alcuni have been taking this initiative to schools for 31 years, culminating in the television project of the same name broadcast on Canale 5.

In the school year just gone, with the support of Cinecittà, the collaboration and subsequent financing of the project by the CiPS Plan – Cinema and Images for Schools was born. In recent years, thanks to “Ciak Junior”, hundreds of short films written and interpreted by students have been made, in Italy and in many countries around the world. By transforming children’s scripts into short films under the guidance of professionals, the thoughts, hopes and anxieties of the younger generations are given voice.

Thanks to CiPS funding, 4 short films were made for “Ciak Junior” this year, investigating issues that are very much present in the lives of young people: the internet ‘bubble’ in which many young people find themselves isolated on a daily basis (the film is ‘Buca la bolla’, made by a group of young people from the Provincial Council of Students of the province of Treviso, a representation of whom were at the Lido on this occasion); the re-discovery of one’s emotions after the long lockdown; the ever-present phenomenon of bullying at school; gender equality and, last but not least, the protection of the territory.

The first ‘official release’ of the short film “Buca la bolla” was on 7 February, when it was screened at the ‘Together for a better internet’ meeting, promoted by MiC for Safer Internet Day, focusing on the ‘connected generations’ and how the relationship between young people and the internet has evolved.

“Ciak Junior”, thanks to the broadcasting on CANALE 5 of the short films made together with the youngsters, brought the videos made in schools before a huge audience. In particular, this edition of the TV programme, aired on Sunday mornings, was rewarded by extraordinary ratings, with peaks of 15% share and an audience of over 2 million viewers.

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