New frontiers in the circular economy of reuse

First edition of the matching day between carpenters and architects. A day dedicated to building relationships to promote an innovative model of Made in Italy The initiative is part of Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana's project FALEGNAMI CONTEMPORANEI - Design, Sustainability, Communication - A new generation of entrepreneurs

Events - published on 17 June 2024

Source: press office Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana

Close meetings between carpenters and architects to promote the circular economy of reuse. The occasion is the first edition of the “matching day”, scheduled for Thursday 13 June at the “Lepido Rocco” vocational training school in Lancenigo di Villorba. Objective: to stimulate a positive contamination that will turn into a concrete collaboration, aimed at creating products designed according to a circular approach, which takes into account their reuse and regeneration.

The initiative is part of Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana’s project “FALEGNAMI CONTEMPORANEI” aimed at the thousand companies in the sector operating in the province, and which aims to encourage the birth of a new generation of entrepreneurs, fully protagonists of the new sustainable economy.

A project that brings together the Association and the Architecture Foundation to inaugurate a permanent platform of stable collaboration between those who design and those who build. An innovative model to regenerate Made in Italy in a modern and contemporary key, integrating different professional skills.

The day will feature 30 entrepreneurs from the wood-furnishing sector and as many architects and designers registered with the Order of the Province of Treviso, who will meet according to an agenda of appointments pre-established on the basis of previously verified interest. This is an opportunity to facilitate mutual acquaintance of the sector players in our province, create new opportunities for commercial and productive collaboration, and develop the sharing of ideas and projects.

In September, a competition of ideas will be launched through four workshops with aspiring designers enrolled at the IUAV University of Venice, who will have to face the challenge of designing inspired by principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability, with the aim of minimising environmental impact.

The concluding event, scheduled for November, will feature an exhibition of the works realised in the workshop and the return of the achievements. The initiative is supported by the Treviso and Belluno Chamber of Commerce and EBAV.

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