On the eve of the sales, the balance of the Fashion System Group of Confindustria Veneto Est with its President Roberto Bottoli

Fashion: revenues are holding up with over 2 billion in exports from the Veneto East but volumes are shrinking. The challenges of sustainability and human capital. The analysis by Roberto Bottoli President of the Gruppo Moda of Confindustria Veneto Est.

Economy - published on 08 January 2024


Source: press office Confindustria Veneto Est

(Padua-Treviso-Venice-Rovigo – 4.01.2024) – Fashion, a sector in evolution but always at the top in terms of value of revenues, international projection in markets, development of professional skills. This is the balance of the Gruppo Sistema Moda (Fashion System Group) of Confindustria Veneto Est chaired by Roberto Bottoli. The data first of all: between Treviso, Padua, Venice and Rovigo there are 3,935 active companies with 25,398 employees, respectively 60.7% and 46.4% of the regional total in Veneto. Export volumes in the third quarter of 2023 exceeded Euro 2 billion (2,066 billion), an increase of + 3.9% over the similar figure for 2022.

The national figure released by Confindustria Moda sees an annual growth forecast of + 3.2% despite a reduction in volumes read as the outcome of the end of the post-pandemic rebound.

There is a slowdown in consumption – explains President Bottolian effect of the climatic situations that affect the seasonality of purchases, but above all of the anxiety and uncertainty that pervade both western and eastern countries. However, the presence of our companies, including small and medium-sized ones, in markets all over the world allows us to mitigate the impact and set up new commercial strategies. However, the overall resilience of our sector in this 2023 saw a reduction in margins in companies due to the generalised increase in energy and raw material prices not offset by an equal increase in sales prices.

For 2024, the return from the inflation peaks leads us to hope for a return of consumer confidence – continues Roberto Bottoli – as noted by Istat in recent days, and also a reduction in costs for companies, in energy as in raw materials. Our consolidated international presence leads us to look carefully at the dynamics, including geopolitical ones, in world markets. And there are the great challenges of innovation and sustainability, to be tackled as a system and not just as individual companies so as to have greater weight in the forums where decisions are taken on what it actually means to produce sustainably.

It is precisely the geopolitical changes and the rethinking of the productive internationalisation strategies of companies – President Bottoli concludes – that make it strategic to focus on the value of Made in Italy and the maintenance and consolidation of the excellent production chains of the fashion system that are still present and vital in Italy and the North East, appreciated by all the major national and international brands in our sector. The primary resource for transmitting this unparalleled manufacturing knowledge and creativity, which together form the basis of Italian fashion’s success, is human capital. This is the first concern of our companies, both large and small, and our priority in the short and long term will be to be attractive to young people, to connect with schools dedicated to fashion, and to communicate the many and diverse opportunities of fashion-related professions, also and above all in territories such as the North East, which are the heart of Made in Italy, a protagonist in the world.

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