Over 4 thousand companies already accredited to Tourism Digital Hub: Italy.it digital ecosystem is being fed

Santanché: "Integrating tourism offerings to promote our nation in a coordinated way in international markets."

Economy - published on 27 December 2023


Source: press office Unioncamere

Rome, Dec. 19, 2023 – In less than a month, already 4,000 tourism businesses with their different locations have accredited to the Tourism Digital Hub, the content and services platform created by the Ministry of Tourism thanks to the PNRR.

By making free registration to the Tourism Digital Hub (TDH), tourism businesses have the opportunity to present their offerings nationally and internationally and participate in the promotional and incentive programs that the Ministry of Tourism will launch in the coming months, starting with the communication campaigns planned for Italia.it.

On the Digital Hub of Italian Tourism, accredited businesses will also find training and professional development services, easy-to-read statistical data to monitor their competitive positioning, and in-depth news on Ministry calls and incentives.

Through Italia.it we want to create a platform to connect the entire Italian tourism ecosystem in order to enhance, integrate and foster the tourism offer, so as to promote our nation in a coordinated way on international markets.
The rapid and important response we have had in little more than a month, as shown by the numbers of accredited tourism companies – emphasizes Tourism Minister Daniela Santanchè attests to the fact that there is a desire to play together and united to make Tourism increasingly central to Italy. It is precisely this collaboration between institutions, the private sector and the world of public administration that is key to increasing the competitiveness of Sistema Italia.

As of Dec. 17, there were 4,069 accredited establishments. Of these, 1981 are accommodation businesses (48%), 1313 operate in the restaurant business (32%) and 775 are travel agencies (19%).

Lombardy is the region with the most accredited businesses (508), followed by Sicily (353), Lazio (347) and Tuscany (326).

Nearly 1448 Southern Italian businesses have already registered, accounting for 35 percent of the total, divided among 756 hospitality businesses (52%), 411 catering (28%) and 281 travel agencies (20%).

The high number of registrations in just one month bodes well for the possibility of reaching and exceeding the goal of involving in the Tourism Digital Hub at least 20 thousand enterprises in the tourism industry by June 2024.

To operate in the territories to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by the platform are the Chambers of Commerce that, together with trade associations, are implementing initiatives aimed at supporting actions for the quantum enrichment-quality of the contents of the Tourism Digital Hub platform, thus allowing the connection of the entire Italian tourist ecosystem.

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