Personal communication of best wishes from Prof. Franco Ascani on the 20th anniversary of Trevisobellunosystem

Institutional communication as a tool for promoting the values of sport

Sport - published on 30 June 2022
Source: Sportsmovietv press office
The media and new media protagonists on the global scene must be used to devise a strategy that allows sports culture and education to reach young people in particular with a new, interactive
and immediate way of ‘consuming sport’ and, above all, with cutting-edge initiatives in the light of the constant transformation of digital technology.
The speed with which the media evolve, both in terms of technology and content, is a challenge open to various solutions for those who create daily communication who need to establish a
modern relationship between the message they want to disseminate and the media they use.
Institutional communication plays a decisive and essential role in sports and cultural promotion through streamlined tools that create a network, like Treviso Belluno System after 20
years of intense and fruitful activity.
Sport (both competitive and social) has become a supplier of content for the media and is increasingly a source of social, scientific, and customary reflection and wide-ranging advertising
revenue and economic investment.
Today’s need is to explore an education that is as interactive and
sustainable. Modern technologies, from a strategic marketing perspective, offer many possibilities to create a community of people interested in actively expanding knowledge, even and, above
all, for the ‘less famous’ disciplines.
Telling about an adventure or a sporting venture through the web means contributing to the
dissemination of knowledge and knowledge and affect changes in civil living and human relations, and for this we must be grateful to publications such as Treviso Belluno System.
Marketing cannot ignore that associating sport with culture and education means recognising that sport today plays an increasingly important role in the educational process of
individuals, capable of influencing the development of the collective consciousness of tolerance and understanding between different cultures.
If we want to build a better world through the power of institutional communication
in the area of sport, we must be inspired, in my opinion, by:

‘We are all witnesses: sport is the ground of culture, of dialogue, of friendship. Sport unites, sport educates tolerance, respect for rules and for the opponent’.

“Being together means breaking down all barriers: when opportunities for meeting and dialogue fail, misunderstandings and endless clashes appear”.

“The message of sport is a fundamental tool for the growth of young people and a valid indicator of ethical behaviour”.

“The confrontation with ‘the Feast’ that characterises, for example, an international sporting event becomes for the young person a source of growth: learning to know other peoples, other
cultures, the discovery of differences that are only virtual (skin colour, religion, language disappear!) find rich humus in the soul of the young person, of different cultures and origins, who
reciprocates by offering his desire to learn, his desire to give, his freedom from preconceptions”.

I conclude with a reflection:
Sport and culture, supported by proper communication, will always win and allow
an increasing number of people of all ages to experience and share sporting values as an
instrument of affirmation of human dignity on the world stage.
Best wishes for a Happy Birthday Treviso Belluno System and… Avanti Tutta!

Prof. Franco B. Ascani
– International President of FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs)
– Member of IOC Commission for “Culture and Olympic Heritage”.

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