Pozza and Auricchio: Milano-Cortina 2026 a great result. An example of collaboration

We succeeded with everyone’s dedication

Economy - published on 25 June 2019


24th June 2019. Congratulations to the whole team, to President Zaia, to President Fontana, to Mayor Sala, to Mayor Ghedina, to President
Malagò, to Premier Conte and to Undersecretary Giorgetti. When institutions work together, beyond appearences, results can be brought at home.

The Chamber system of Lombardy and Veneto has always believed in it, by expressing its support over time, and renewing its active support now – commented the President of Unioncamere
Veneto Mario Pozza and the President of Unioncamere Lombardia Gian Domenico Auricchio

Today a great opportunity is born for all our enterprises. Thanks to our history, culture, innovative capacity and hospitality.

We wish a good work to everybody. Today let’s enjoy this great moment of celebration that all the Italians are proud of.

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