Pozza: full support to the proposal of Governor Zaia for the candidacy for 2026 Winter Olympic Games.

The Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce considers the candidacy a unique opportunity for the relaunching of a territory worthy of being awarded.

Economy - published on 23 March 2018


All my personal support – says President Pozza -of the Venetian chamber system and the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce that I am chairing, to Governor
for the candidacy of Veneto for 2026 Winter Olympic Games.

Within the meeting opportunities that are arising in the daily administrative life, there are already growing ideas, proposals and topics to start an action plan.
This means that we already have to work for the economy of a large territory applying a vision that does not consider borders or valleys. A vision thinking that such big events are a huge
opportunity for all, also for removing old way of thinking or even the immobility of past years that is still present in some top management and that have penalized the economy of Belluno.
The territory will be ready after the Cortina 2021 World Skiing Championship to which we are working with the strong will to include all actors, in order to make them feel the duty to bring
their contribute.

The area of Belluno represents a peculiarity that is synonym of knowing mountains, respecting mountains, competence all along the supply chain.
The sportsystem of Treviso is an excellence for sports equipment. Here are born the first technical boots, the attention to comfort and performance on the snow, embracing tourism both for
leisure and business, for the family and sport competitions.

The Scarpone Museum (Museum of Boots) and its important pieces, hosted in the sixteenth-century Villa Binetti-Zuccareda in the highest part of Montebelluna, can be considered as part of the
touristic itineraries that the territory is able to offer to tourists and athletes’ staff. In this way, also the Great War paths and the thematic itineraries that could give an effective answer to
the needs of an experience, historic and sport tourism.
Dolomiticert of Certottica, company participated by the Chambers of Commerce located in Longarone, it provides comprehensive services for sustaining mountain sector, completing the sportsystem
supply chain with a dedicated service for the certification of the most important brands worldwide known and produced in Italy, especially those pertaining the alpine sports for a secure high
quality offer.

Dolomites are Unesco World Heritage, a great pleasure for tourists and athletes. If not here, where else?

The 2026 Winter Olympic Games will moreover find a well-structured territory, full equipped with all requested infrastructures: ski jumpers, bob-sleigh-runs, ski slopes that are now
under upgrading and the Asiago Plateau with its more than 500 km of slopes.
Hoteliers are ready and prepared to effective respond to the most demanding needs of guests. The connection from Venice Airport to Treviso and the areas accessible by light aircrafts. The
airport of Asiago in an excellence and the completion of Cortina Airport is on the way.
It is a territory that needs to be recognized, because it is suffering an alarming depopulation. There is no attraction for young people and it is a must for all public authorities to give a
future to mountain, a perspective to entrepreneurs that finally can benefit of services like broadband, new roads, infrastructures that can convince talents to remain in local companies and not
running away towards competitors.

A territory that knows the world thank to its national record in export that makes Veneto the second Region after Lombardy.
In fact, Veneto Region scores in 2017 an export of 61,3 billion, increasing by +5,1% upon last year and amounting the 13,7% of national export.

A praise to our companies that make us proud of such results.

The export of Belluno, leader at national level with eyewear export, it confirms itself steady at record levels already reached last year, with an exchange value closed to 4 billion
In addition, the offer of local Venetian products has no comparison. These are products worldwide known for their quality and nutritional excellence, for the places where they are cultivated
and processed, for the microclimate. I just mention the national park of Belluno Dolomites, extraordinary characterized by a great range of environments, with unique nature examples and an
excellent preservation of ecosystems.
A dreamy nutritional and environmental support for each athlete that makes feel like at home tourists from all over the world.

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