Pozza meets the President of the Italo-Albanian Chamber of Commerce

Forthcoming presentation of the Country with the Ambassador of Albany and the Italo-Albanian Chamber of Commerce.

Economy - published on 13 July 2018


Treviso, 12th July 2018. Willingness of President Pozza, also as Assocamerestero Counsellor, is to know the economic realities of the Countries in order to consider possible
business opportunities for our companies.

On these assumptions, Pozza is having several institutional meetings with European and non-EU Countries.
The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso was the place of the meeting with President Tommaso Scattolari and Secretary Trade Giuseppe Zito of the Italo-Albanian Chamber
of Commerce.

Albany is a Country that is growing economically thanks to the European investments, in particular in the production sectors of clean hydroelectric energy and tourism.

Italy is by far the first trade partner for Albany with a share of more than one-third of the total interchange of the Country, share that amounts about 2,4 Billion
increasing by 10% in comparison to 2016
. Italy meets more than one quarter of the Country foreign demand and absorbs more than a half of the Albanian export.
The Venetian flows represent approximately 13% of the national interchange with the Country: in 2017 Veneto has exported goods to Albany amounting more than 156 Million, 3,8% higher than
the previous year
, and has imported goods from the Country amounting more than 143 Million Euros, increasing by 42,5% in comparison to 2016.
Treviso and Belluno cover approximately 14% of the regional interchange last year: export has grazed 22 Million, 17% higher in comparison to 2016 and import has been more than 41 Million
(+57,5% in comparison to 2016).

In 2017 nearly two-thirds of the Province export were about machinery and fashion-system products (shoes, eyewear, clothing and textiles), whereas shoes and clothing represented
more than 83% of the imported goods.

Albany could be considered in addition as the gate towards the Eastern Countries, since it perfectly represents the hub of Balkans, with harbors that are structuring in Durazzo and Valona, the
international airport in Tirana and the new one currently under construction in Valona.

We will present shortly in Treviso the figures about the Italian and Venetian companies that are looking at Albany as a possibility to be present in the Balkans area. The figures are
impressive – says President Scattolari.
We are currently negotiating to enter Europe and its small and medium enterprises; districts and innovative networks are our most suitable model.

President Pozza has confirmed the availability of Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce to host a Country presentation event with the Albanian Ambassador in Italy and the Italo-Albanian Chamber of

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