President Pozza invites the new Mayor Conte at the Chamber council

A cooperation that intends to be immediate and effective for the city

Events - published on 21 June 2018

Treviso, 21st June 2018. A sincere and direct greeting to the Chamber council from the new elected Mayor Mario Conte, invited by President Pozza at the Chamber
council, the ultimate governance body of the Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting started with the introduction of all Chamber council members by President Pozza. A greeting via conference call from the Vice-President Paola Ricci from Belluno.

President Pozza gave to Mayor Conte the digital drive in order to underline the assignment received from the Government for the digitalization of Public Authorities and enterprises in the frame of
“4.0 Enterprise”.

President Pozza presented the new Infocamere “Mayor App”, soon available to facilitate the administrative activity having on hand all Municipality data.

The Mayor welcomed with interest the news and the digital orientation of the Chamber of Commerce; he thanked and said to be honored to be invited from the Chamber council for the value that it
expresses, by representing all economic categories.

As Administration – said Conte– we are real clear what we are getting at, but with the strong awareness that we get nowhere without working together with all

It is already scheduled, in agreement with President Pozza – informs Conte – a round table with all trade associations, with the will to present the objectives of the Administration
for the city in order to discuss together how to solve them – he points out – putting our citizens and the companies that you represent at the first place.

The common objective – underlined the Mayor – is the quality of each plan that we will implement and I am sure that we will reach extraordinary achievements. I can confirm – he
concluded – that I intend to get always in contact, avoiding arguments on newspapers and magazines, and preferring a telephone call that can promptly solve each matter.

I would like to thank the Mayor for his availability and attention – concluded President Pozza – . I think that this meeting, in this institutional location, is a clear message
of cooperation to Belluno and Treviso Representatives. In the next days – confirmed the President – we will meet to plan, to discuss about the current projects and to share with the Mayor
and his team what the Chamber of Commerce can give to the Administration thanks to its new competencies, in particular in the frame of tourism and territory promotion.

I agree with the need to increase the quality of each event that will be performed – concluded Pozza – because Treviso and its citizens deserve it. I hope that Piazza Borsa planning
will be shared without overlapping, aiming at coordination and to relevant events that are attractive for tourism and real entertainment for the citizens.

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