President’s speech at the Giovanni Comisso Literary Award

The Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce has always supported, with great conviction, projects and initiatives capable of enhancing cultural attractiveness,

Promo - published on 17 October 2023

Source: internal promotion office of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti

Mario Pozza President’s Speech

The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno has always supported, with great conviction, projects and initiatives capable of enhancing cultural attractiveness, not only for its intrinsic value but also for the benefits it brings in other areas, such as: the promotion of the territory and tourism, civil and social development, thanks to a synergic and coordinated action capable of contributing to a better growth of the local economic, entrepreneurial, social fabric.

This is a role of the Chamber that has been strengthened with the entry into force of Legislative Decree No. 219/2016, which explicitly attributed to the Chamber system the institutional task of the enhancement of cultural heritage as well as the development and promotion of tourism, in collaboration with the competent bodies and entities.

In this context is inserted the territorial marketing initiative proposed by the Cultural Association Friends of Giovanni Comisso, which reaches its conclusion today with the present ceremony, of an Award now in its 42nd edition.

The agreement signed with the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno, for the realization of the initiative Comisso meeting point between material and humanistic culture, aims to consolidate a series of positive effects for the benefit of the territory and businesses, ensuring a positive return of image for the whole Province, in particular thanks to the activity of promoting literary tourism.

The Chamber Council has favorably accepted the collaboration proposal submitted by the Association, awarding a contribution of € 8,000.00, which is not connoted as mere relief, but in a broader action of collaboration, together with the free concession of space for the awards ceremony, active participation in the event and the action of dissemination of “collateral” initiatives, related to the project.

In this regard, with a view to maximum participatory sharing, we cannot fail to mention the initiative Viaggio nelle fabbriche della bellezza, a series of interviews with business museums and realities of the Treviso area that have a privileged relationship with beauty,  (just like the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce) and whose news are published in the portal – an integral part of the project concerning the G. Comisso Literary Prize.”

The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno intends to remain at the side of the bearers of collective interests, private or public, continuing to support, also economically, the projects that most aim at promoting the territory, having as a common goal the economic, entrepreneurial, tourist, civil and social development of the community.


On Saturday, Oct. 7, the Mario Del Monaco Municipal Theater in Treviso will host at 10 a.m. the final meeting of the Giovanni Comisso – Regione del Veneto Città di Treviso Literary Prize, now in its XLII edition.

The 70 members of the Grand Jury are called to vote in public session on the works of the two finalist trios in the Italian Fiction and Biography sections, selected by the Technical Jury last June 9, also in public session at the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice.

In Italian Fiction the selected are:

Sicilian Arrocco by Costanza DiQuattro (Baldini+Castoldi)

Irina Nikolaevna or the Art of the Novel by Paola Capriolo (Bompiani)

Tabacco Clan by Giuseppe Lupo (Marsilio Editori)

In Biography:

A Confidential History of Italian Publishing by Gian Arturo Ferrari (Marsilio)

The Friction of Life. Investigation of Renato Caccioppoli a Neapolitan mathematician by Lorenza Foschini (La Nave di Teseo)

The Sibyl. Life of Joyce Lussu by Silvia Ballestra (Laterza)


The Technical Jury of the Prize selected the finalists from the 164 works submitted for selection, including 130 in Italian fiction and 34 for biography. The Technical Jury is chaired by Pierluigi Panza and also composed of Cristina Battocletti, Benedetta Centovalli, Rolando Damiani, Giancarlo Marinelli, Luigi Mascheroni, Alessandra Necci, Sergio Perosa, and Filippo Tuena.

Coordinated by the Education Area of Confindustria Veneto Est, meetings have been organized in Treviso schools with three finalists of this edition of the Comisso Prize. On Friday, October 6, meetings are scheduled in Treviso at Liceo Canova with Paola Capriolo, at Liceo Duca degli Abruzzi with Silvia Ballestra and at Liceo Da Vinci with Lorenza Foschini.

At this final meeting, the Comisso Lifetime Achievement Award for Writers from Veneto, promoted by the Associazione Amici di Comisso with the support of CentroMarca Banca, is presented to highlight the cultural and literary journey of an author born, trained or residing in Veneto who has made a name for himself or herself nationally and internationally.

The winner of this edition is Ferdinando Camon, a writer, poet, essayist and journalist, born in the province of Padua and established nationally and Europe-wide.

At the selection meeting on June 9, the winning work of the fifth edition of the Comisso Prize under 35 – Rotary Club Treviso, promoted by the Rotary Club Treviso together with the Associazione Amici di Comisso and reserved for writers under 35, was proclaimed. The jury composed of members of the same Technical Jury of the Comisso Prize and representatives of the Treviso Rotary Club chose Cieli in fiamme by Mattia Insolia (Mondadori). The awarding of the author during the Comisso Prize final by the President of the Treviso Rotary Club, Sante Casonato, and the President of the Associazione Amici di Comisso, Ennio Bianco.

The winners of the #Comisso15lines contest, promoted on the Association’s Facebook account in collaboration with the Litweb Kingdom for micro-reviews (15 lines, in fact) of all the works in the competition, are also announced.

The finals on Saturday, October 7, will see the greetings of President of the Friends of Comisso Association Ennio Bianco, Honorary President, Neva Agnoletti, and institutional representatives, and Pierluigi Panza, President of the Technical Jury. After the Comisso lifetime achievement awards for Writers from Veneto, Comisso under 35 and #Comisso15righe, a musical tribute to Gian Francesco Malipiero, on the 50th anniversary of his death, with the 1958 Preludio for guitar performed by Alberto Mesirca.

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