Recycle Your Boots by Tecnica Group: Towards an Outdoor Recycling Valley?

How the sports industry is gearing up to meet the global challenges of sustainability and circularity.

Events - published on 15 May 2024

Source: Fondazione Sportsystem press office

The Tecnica Group’s Recycle Your Boots project and a District vision

Thursday 23 May, 3.30 p.m. in

Free entrance, limited places.




The ambitions of the European Green Deal, including neutrality in terms of CO2 emissions by 2050, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the new Consumer Agenda, as well as the growing consumer focus on a product made by mitigating environmental externalities, represent a stimulating factor for the modernisation of the industry towards production models oriented towards sustainability and circularity.

A significant package of European-derived norms, including the Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) and the provisions concerning the so-called Extended Producer Responsibility will characterise the business strategies of the sports industry in the space of a few years, while at the same time posing challenges that will affect the entire sector and that will require coordination and collaboration to be better addressed.

Starting from the experience of the Tecnica Group’s Recycle Your Boots project, the seminar will offer an opportunity for discussion between companies in the sector, institutional and research representatives to think about the sports product from an eco-design perspective, as well as to outline a possible sportsystem district approach to the issue of extended producer responsibility.


15:30 Introduction by Fondazione Sportsystem

15:45 The sports industry and the sustainability and circularity goals of the Green Deal: the need to act together, Jerome Pero, Secretary European Federation of the Sports Industry (FESI)

16:00 The European Ecodesign Regulation. What changes for companies? Hon. Alessandra Moretti, ESPR rapporteur at the European Parliament

16:15 The Recycle Your Boots project: a permanent yard of innovation and the challenges of a circular model, RYB team, Tecnica Group

16:45 Award ceremony and special recognition: Sportler and Dolomiti Superski

17:00 How some companies are approaching the challenge of ecodesign for recycling: Dainese, Selle Italia, Rudy project

17:15 Towards an outdoor recycling valley? Extended producer responsibility in the territory and a possible District approach. Speakers:

Alberto Zanatta, President of Tecnica Group;
Elena Bonafè, Confindustria Veneto Est;
Laura d’Aprile, Head of Sustainable Development Department, Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security;
Massimiano Tellini, Global Head – Circular Economy Innovation Centre Intesa San Paolo;
Gianni Frasson, President Sportsystem Foundation

(moderator: Laura Morello)

17:45 Conclusions

18:00 Convivial and networking moment

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