Serie Unica | Craft Design Made in Veneto wins 1st prize ARTE FIERA DOLOMITI for the Design section

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Promo - published on 08 November 2023

Source: press office SERIE UNICA | Craft Design Made in Veneto

The events of recent years have changed scenarios in all sectors, both private and professional. It has disrupted lives and approaches to others by forcing the pace and scope of innovation: businesses, especially craft ones, are called upon to recalibrate if they want to grow, adapting to new market demands. Traditional business models are no longer attractive, just as the approach to customers needs to be changed. In craft companies, where a modus operandi that is too often tied to the past is ingrained, this need is evident and very urgent: never before has a change of course and a rethink of their business been required.
SERIE UNICA | Craft Design Made in Veneto is a collection of handcrafted design objects inspired by a unique theme. It involves 9 craft companies in the Veneto region from 3 different provinces: Vicenza, Venice and Treviso.
The collection is inspired by the object of territorial merchandising and is dedicated to the 9 UNESCO heritage sites in Veneto region: territorial excellence meets Know-How to tell its story through design codes.

Each company was entrusted with a Veneto UNESCO heritage, which was then codified through study, analysis and design into a design object, be it furniture, furnishing accessory or fashion accessory. In the collection, shapes are enriched by the intertwining of materials and the stories they tell.

In SERIE UNICA the object becomes pure narrative and instrument of knowledge, going beyond the meaning of a design object to become a representation of a territory.
The project is the result of a one-year training course (from January 2022 to January 2023), financed by the Veneto Region and promoted by Confartigianato Marca Trevigiana Formazione, conceived to provide tools for companies to work together, to share, co-create and strengthen each other, and to be able to open up to the world of design: the artisans shared, collaborated and learnt together, bringing into play skills, the company’s high level of expertise and cultural heritage with the innovation of design methodology. Design has been taken as thedriver that can open the way to new markets, even in those companies that have a subcontractor structure, give new ideas and specific skills to artisan companies on the subject of the conception and realisation of new products and in the processes of meaning.

Artisan companies are not merely places of production, but become creative spaces where new forms and materials are tested, to create meaningful products that contain a high intangible value and that combine deep tradition, know-how and innovative thinking, so as to regenerate and face new challenges, without competing with designers, but being able to create favourable environments for the development of new ideas. Because more aware and competent realities can collaborate more fruitfully with designers and planners.
At the end of the training course, the companies decided to continue the project, self-financing the collection.

The companies that are part of SERIE UNICA are:

  • TAPPEZZERIE CONTESSA L’ARTIGIANO (Conegliano, province of Treviso) – Venice and its Lagoon (1987)

Founded after 22 years as an upholsterer in a company as an employee.
Today Tappezzerie Contessa mainly carries out its services for private individuals and architects in the field of restoration, upholstery, curtains, automotive, nautical and aviation.
Each item is created by studying the style of the era and the needs of the customer, putting its 45 years of experience at the customer’s disposal. In 2022 the workshop became Bottega Scuola as Ernesto Contessa was recognised as Master Craftsman by the Veneto Region.

  • KS DESIGN (Ormelle, province of Treviso) – Vicenza and the Palladian Villas in the Veneto region (1994)

Martina Marcon (Grafic & Industrial Designer) opened Pepe Design in 2004 and set up a creative design studio to operate in the Treviso area dealing with the image of small and medium-sized businesses, their products and their promotion. In 2021 he began collaborating with Roberto Sessolo, (Technical Designer) an expert in Solid Surface and together they created KS Design, a new brand of handcrafted lighting objects with special purifying characteristics.

  • ISPACE by FRATELLI DAMIAN (Colle Umberto, province of Treviso) – Botanical Garden of Padua (1997)

Established in 1969, FRATELLI DAMIAN specialises in the development and production of exclusively customised metal furnishing accessories and creations. It is employed in various fields from luxury shops, contract, retail, naval, private residences. From the study of details to the tailor-made care of the bespoke, not to stop at appearances, to have a transversal vision and outlook. Because for the company this means going ‘beyond the surface’.

  • EVA TRENTIN (Marano Vicentino, province of Vicenza) – The City of Verona (2000)

Born in Malo on 10 April 1977. Master of Art and Interior Designer, she lives and works in Marano Vicentino. In 2000, having completed her studies, she collaborates with professionals in the fields of Design, Building and Art. In 2015, he decided to devote himself completely to art with all its nuances. Nature is the absolute protagonist in his works. Flowers, leaves and natural materials are cooked, dried, ground and processed with an original technique, giving life to unique and unrepeatable works of art, fabrics and objects. Her creations tell of places and moments in life. The energy of nature blends into a renewed inventiveness that thrives on study and research. Botanical Print and Solar Print are among her latest experiments: a constant and fascinating connection with Nature… Small gifts suddenly reveal themselves, sought after or unexpected, in a constant flow and in relation to the Nature of the places that surround her.

  • LOU ARTECERAMICA (Schio, province of Vicenza) The Dolomites (2009)

since 2014 he has been imagining and creating unique ceramic objects for the table and furniture.
In his creations, LOU reinvents traditional techniques by combining them in new and original ways. The surfaces of his creations can be either shiny or matt, with indentations engraved in white glaze or with protruding dots of coloured glaze.
His creations grace the tables of some of the restaurants of starred chefs.

  • TORRESAN TRAVERTINO | Italian Creations (Pieve del Grappa, province of Treviso) – The Palafitticoli sites (2012)

This is the brand of TORRESAN GINO & C. snc, an artisan workshop based in Pieve del Grappa, in Crespano, in the province of Treviso within the UNESCO Montegrappa MAB Biosphere. It has been operating in the cladding sector for over 60 years and has specialised in the processing of Travertino marble for over 30 years.
The company works both in the private sector and on behalf of architects in the realisation of prestigious exterior and interior claddings and in the Ho.Re.Ca. and Luxury sector. For some years it has also been engaged in the design and production of furnishing and lighting accessories in Travertine.
Since 2021, it is a “Bottega Scuola” (Workshop School) because one of its members has received recognition as a Master Craftsman from the Veneto Region.

  • CRISTINA BUSNELLI (Bassano del Grappa, province of Vicenza) – Le Opere di Difesa Veneziane tra XVI E XVII Secolo (2017)

Cristina Busnelli is a Textile Designer who designs and hand-looms prototypes and one-off pieces for clothing and furnishings, vestments for liturgical use and textile jewellery. Her research has always been oriented towards a three-dimensionality that is both optical and material, sought in the mobility of the fibres, in curved or relief weaves, in the use of materials of different thicknesses and different tactile aspects.
The textile weave allows her to give concreteness and tell stories of people and places, sometimes only imagined. Her tapestries are imagined as an open window on the world.
Her works have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions, gaining national and international recognition and awards. She has exhibited in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Ukraine.
In 2023 he opened his textile atelier in Bassano del Grappa (province of Vicenza), a space open to the public, where he works and exhibits his works.

LEGNOMART (Maser , province of Treviso) – The frescoed cycles of the 14th century (2021)

This joinery has specialised in the design and production of high-performance wooden doors and windows, furniture and customised furnishing accessories since 1978. Its strength lies in its ability to combine a historical craftsmanship tradition with the most advanced innovation (through the use of smart home and IoT systems and biometric equipment), with sartorial attention to detail and care for the wellbeing of people and the environment. Manufactures that ‘open up to beauty’.
Since 2021, it has been Bottega Scuola as the owner has received recognition as a Master Craftsman from the Veneto Region.
Since January 2023, the project has been self-financed: the companies involved have decided to invest in the creation of the collection.
In November 2023, SERIE UNICA | Craft Design Made in Veneto was awarded the 1st prize ARTE FIERA DOLOMITI for the Design section, by a jury chaired by Ferruccio Gard (7 appearances at the Venice International Art Biennale).
The artistic direction of SERIE UNICA | Craft Design Made in Veneto is by Federica Preto (FONDO PLASTICO – Cavaso del Tomba, Province of Treviso), who conceived the project and is in charge of its coordination, promotion and communication. The official website is and the e-mail is The project’s shop window will also be published shortly, where the objects in the collection can be purchased.


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