The 2022-2023 investment focus of the Veneto Unioncamere Study Centre was presented.

Economy - published on 11 April 2023

Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office

Venice-Marghera, 07 April – In 2022, the propensity to invest in manufacturing in Veneto is growing: 1 out of 2 companies has invested in the company to support growth and improve production processes, allocating 20% more resources to evolving their offerings through the purchase of equipment, machinery or digital transformation. The forecasts for 2023 are more cautious.

This is stated by the data of the 2022-2023 Investment Focus, now in its ninth edition and drawn up by the Veneto Unioncamere Studies Office to estimate the propensity to invest in 2022 and the forecasts for 2023 of Veneto entrepreneurs. The analysis was carried out on a sample of 1,622 manufacturing companies with at least 10 employees.

These data show that manufacturing companies in Veneto still have the desire to grow and invest, even in a year that is not easy,” commented Unioncamere del Veneto President Mario Pozza. “And this is evidence even of the development and consolidation of managerial skills within companies, which make it possible to plan investments to remain competitive on the market.
Working on company growth means creating wealth for the company and the territory, attracting talent, supporting employment, and knowing how to innovate. Forecasts for the coming months say that this propensity seems to be cooling, with investment growth of just under 5%. It must even be said that it is mainly large companies that are most willing to reinvest resources in the company, and that the percentage drops for smaller companies. We must continue to spread business culture and create an ecosystem of support for small entrepreneurs and help them not to miss the competitive train“.

In 2022, based on the VenetoCongiuntura survey, 55.9% of Veneto manufacturing companies with at least 10 employees made tangible and intangible investments, committing 20.9% more resources than in 2021. The results confirm a good propensity of regional companies to invest, with trends in line with those recorded in 2021.

The resilience of investments is confirmed both by the increase in the share of investing companies, which rises from 53.2% in 2021 to 55.9% in 2022, and by the year-on-year change in investments, which is unchanged (+20.9%).

In 2022, the number of manufacturing companies that made investments compared to the previous year is higher than the forecasts declared by entrepreneurs in 2021 when, worried by the economic difficulties caused by international tensions, inflationary rises as well as supply difficulties, they assumed that only 50.6% of companies would make investments the following year.

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