The 25 April of the Duerocche, a running spectacle in the Asolo hills

Over 3,500 registered participants for the natural environment running event that will take place the day after tomorrow on six different routes: from 6 to 51 km. Participants in the longest trial will pass on top of the monumental Rocca di Asolo fortress. Registration is closed for the competitive trials, while for the two non-competitive trials (6 and 12 km) it will be possible to request a bib until shortly before the start.

Events - published on 24 April 2024

Source: press office la Duerocche

Cornuda (Treviso), 23 April 2024 – Eve hours for the Duerocche, the classic race in the natural environment that will blow out 53 candles the day after tomorrow, Thursday 25 April, confirming itself as one of the longest running events in Italy.

On the hills between Cornuda and Asolo, in the province of Treviso, there will be no less than six races scheduled. Trail enthusiasts will be able to choose between three distances: the 51 km with 2660 metres of positive height difference (start at 7.00 a.m.), the 35 km with 1800 metres of positive height difference (8.30 a.m.) and the 22 km with 960 metres of positive height difference (9.00 a.m.). Also planned are the two classic cross-country routes of 6 and 12 km (start at 9.30 a.m.), open to all, and the 15 km trial, with a positive height difference of 720 metres (7.30 a.m.), which will take place along the route of the Duerocche Storica, from Asolo to Cornuda.

Chapter top runners. In the 51-kilometre race will be at the start the expert Ivan Geronazzo, three times winner of the Duerocche in the long race (the last one last year). His main opponents will be Mattia Agugiaro, another Duerocche podium winner (bronze in 2023), and Simone Vigolo. While in the women’s category, the favourites are divided between Alessandra Olivi and Ornella Bona. In the 35 km race, a battle is expected between Enrico Gheno, second last year, Michele Meridio and Mauro Rasom. In the 22 km race, the son of art Roberto Fregona and Andrea Mason, respectively second and third in 2023, will be back at the start of the Duerocche. Also of note is the presence of Alessio Morellato, European triathlon Ironman champion in 2021 among the Age Group. Giulia Pol and Mirela Djurdjevic should instead fight for victory among the women. The former mountain running world champion Lucio Fregona, a legend of the Duerocche, will finally take part in the 12 km race, in which Silvia Sangalli, last year’s queen in the 22 km, will be the favourite.

On Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 April, until shortly before the start of the race, registration will continue at the race office, at the Palapace in Cornuda, in the starting area, but only for the two non-competitive trials (6 and 12 km): the number of those registered, currently around 3,500, will thus undergo a decisive increase thanks to the passion of those who will participate in the Duerocche without a competitive spirit, but above all to enjoy breathtaking views and evocative historical glimpses. The 51 km trial will also include the passage on top of the monumental Rocca di Asolo, a particularly exciting and spectacular moment. For safety reasons, above the Rocca, it will be mandatory to walk, under penalty of disqualification. Athletes will thus have a few extra moments to enjoy the panorama that can be admired from the symbol par excellence of the city of Asolo. Further information is available at

SUSTAINABLE DUEROCCHE – This year, more than ever, the Duerocche will be held under the banner of sustainability: the Treviso competition will in fact be the first trail running race to be assessed in terms of social and environmental impact according to the “Regenerative Event Framework”, an event performance analysis model developed by NATIVA – the Regenerative Design Company that accompanies organisations in redesigning their models with a view to sustainability – and applied to the event through a joint pathway with SCARPA. The aim of the initiative is to use the Regenerative Event Framework as a solid base for the definition of a vision – called “regenerative ambition” – that SCARPA intends to espouse from now on, identifying the guidelines that the company will require from the organisers of trail running races. In this perspective, Duerocche will be a real laboratory for a pilot project that will make SCARPA the first Outdoor brand to define a model consistent with the company’s vocation and based on the framework created by NATIVA. In fact, the competition will be analysed through a set of parameters relating to certain areas – circularity, natural capital, climate resilience, education and involvement, happiness well-being and health – with the aim of drawing up virtuous practices applicable to all events in the category. In the days preceding the competition and on the day itself, a profile will be drawn up through which areas of strength and directions for improvement will be highlighted and the elements that contribute most to the impact of the competition and on which to focus the evolution strategy will be identified. With this new project SCARPA, a Benefit Company that has built its history through continuous attention to innovation and respect for the environment and people, confirms itself as the forerunner of a new way of experiencing sporting activity. A QR Code will also be made available at Duerocche, through which participants will be able to answer ten questions about the sustainability of the event.


The Duerocche was founded in 1972 on the initiative of a group of running enthusiasts. Now in its 53rd edition, it is one of the longest running events in Italy. The name derives from the places of departure and arrival that characterised the original route: the monumental Rocca di Asolo and the Santuario della Madonna della Rocca di Cornuda. We are in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana and the Duerocche combines at best the characteristics of a unique territory: the splendid natural views and the traditions of a land where important pages of Italian history have been written. In the most recent seasons, before the health emergency that also determined the cancellation of the 2020 edition, the Duerocche has experienced a progressive growth in attendance, going from 1,700 participants in 2006 to 6,400 in 2018, an absolute record of participation. More than 50,000 athletes have taken part in the Duerocche from 2006 to date, testifying to an event that is now a must for many fans from all over northern Italy and beyond.

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