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Many are the lakes set among the peaks of the Dolomites

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Source: Press office of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomites

Surrounded by the high peaks of the Dolomites, you will discover many mirrors of water with a variety of shades that will offer you marvellous landscapes in front of which you will stand speechless.

Enjoying nature while relaxing or practising some sport, accompanied by local businesses, will let you fully immerse yourself in these stunning sceneries that will be hard to forget.

Come and spend a weekend discovering the most beautiful lakes in the Province of Belluno:


Treviso – Misurina Lake (140 km)
Belluno – Misurina Lake (83 km)

A crystal-clear stretch of blue-green water that offers various activities throughout the year, from hiking to mountain biking, snowshoeing to pedal boats.

At the base of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks of Lavaredo), Misurina Lake, also known as the “Pearl of the Dolomites”, is the largest lake in the Cadore area (Belluno). It is known as the “Oasis of Healthy Breathing” for the balsamic air you can breathe in here, famous for its benefits to the respiratory system.
Various scenic routes along the lake will allow you to admire the various shades of emerald colour while walking or riding a mountain bike.

Cycling enthusiasts can reach the lake along the Auronzo-Misurina cycle path, a challenging route to the final arrival at the lake.
During the summer, the lake is swimmable and you can rent pedal boats, while in winter you can walk on the frozen waters, snowshoe in the magical atmosphere, or ski in the nearby ski resorts.
Only a few kilometres away is Europe’s longest fun-bob track. After boarding the chairlift, you can experience the thrill of the descent as you enjoy a spectacle of nature.

Take a break to enjoy traditional dishes such as deer ham and speck, cheeses, spinach spaetzle followed by meat, local wild game and forest mushrooms. The places near the lake where you can stop are the Locanda al Lago Quinz, Pizzeria Edelweiss and Agriturismo Malga Misurina.


Treviso – Auronzo Lake (115 km)
Belluno – Auronzo Lake (57 km)

Auronzo di Cadore, one of the most important tourist centres in the entire valley, is home to Auronzo Lake , also known as Santa Caterina Lake .

On the two beaches close to its shores you can enjoy moments of silence, savouring the richness of the landscape, or take a pleasant walk in the green of the surrounding meadows.

Water sports enthusiasts cannot fail to know that the Cadore Motorboat Grand Prix used to be held on this lake, and canoe-kayak championships are still held here today.
You can also hire a boat to venture as far as the centre of the lake and fully enjoy the lake experience, feeling like a co-star or, if you prefer dry land, you can also ride along the lake on the panoramic train or by bicycle.

The name “Santa Caterina” (‘St Catherine’) also derives from the fact that at the end of the dam there is a small chapel from around 1500, dedicated to the saint.

If you want to prolong the wonder and live the full experience of this special  place, you can stay overnight at Hotel Auronzo or enjoy all the activities that  Auronzo d’Inverno  has to offer, from skiing in winter to Fun-Bob during the summer.

Treviso – Sorapis Lake (136 km)
Belluno – Sorapis Lake (78 km)

Just a stone’s throw from Cortina D’Ampezzo, you can admire a picturesque turquoise-coloured lake enveloped by the Dolomites. The adventurous path to reach it will reveal spectacular views.

Only 12 km from Cortina d’Ampezzo, Sorapis Lake is one of the most fascinating places in the province of Belluno thanks to its characteristic turquoise colour, due to the rocks of the glacier from which it originates.
To reach the lake, you can follow the panoramic route that offers a spectacular view of the mountain groups Cristallo, Popena, Cadini di Misurina and Tre Cime di Lavaredo , also leading you through a lush forest.
Accessible only on foot, the path is varied, with several ups and downs and a more challenging section with some metal stairs and exposed spots equipped with wire ropes, which is why the route is not accessible and suitable for families with very young children.
The best season in which it is recommended to visit this stretch of water is summer, as during winter the weather may cause difficulties along the route.

The only retreat encountered along the trail is the retreat Rifugio Alfonso Vandelli, where you can take a tasty break while admiring the enchanting landscape.
On the way to the trail, you will find the Rio Gere Restaurant, established in 1957 following the 1957 Olympic Games in Cortina. Here, too, you can savour the flavours of tradition.

Treviso – Alleghe Lake (125 km)
Belluno – Alleghe Lake (55 km)

At the base of Mount Civetta, this is the perfect destination to fully enjoy the magnificent nature of the Dolomites.

Originally formed as a result of a landslide on Mount Piz that created a dam on the Cordevole Torrent, the lake is now an attractive year-round tourist destination. Tourism at the lake has developed since the late 19th century, when European nobles and intellectuals explored these mountains on their Grand Tours.
Walking along the shores of the lake will give you a feeling of serenity; the path is easy and therefore also suitable for families.
You can also undertake hikes towards Mount Civetta, during which you can stop at refuges. Along this route, which is accessible to all, there are many illustrated panels that will enable you to learn more about the destination. You can also try your hand at the three routes offered by the Nordic Walking Park Agordino in collaboration with the Italian Nordic Walking School.
Cycling enthusiasts can follow the cycle path that connects the lake to the village of Caprile, alongside the Cordevole Torrent, taking a few stops to catch their breath while admiring the view.
During the summer, the lake offers various activities, from windsurfing to kayaking. You can also take a dip in the alpine waters as one shore of the lake becomes swimmable.

During the winter, the frozen lake will amaze you with its silence, and you can try snowshoeing in the woods or reach the ski slopes thanks to the nearby ski lifts.

Starting from Alleghe Lake you can hike to nearby Coldai Lake, of glacial origins. After taking the ski lifts, you will encounter typical wild plants on the trail and have a pleasant break at the retreat Adolfo Sonino Rifugio Al Coldai. Once there, you will be enchanted by a gem of clear water, where you can admire the landscape and have a picnic in a unique setting.

To extend your stay in these areas, you can stay at Chalet al Lago and Hotel B&B Astor along the shores of Alleghe Lake , Hotel alle Alpi in the picturesque town of Alleghe, and Hotel alla Posta in Caprile.

Treviso – Mis Valley Lake (78 km)
Belluno – Mis Valley Lake (16 km)

Treviso – Mis Valley Lake (78 km)
Belluno – Mis Valley Lake (16 km)
Come and discover the lake, which, together with the Cadini del Breton and the Cascata della Soffia waterfall, offers breathtaking natural views.

Originating from erosion by watercourses, the presence of glaciers and karst phenomena, Valle del Mis offers a total immersion in nature, amidst stretches of water and flourishing vegetation.
Located in Sospirolo, Mis Valley Lake is a sheet of water of artificial origin, which you can admire by means of various routes that also allow you to discover the Cascata della Soffia waterfall, also thanks to kayaking experiences. Fishing is also possible for those who love this activity. Along the way, you can take a break in front of an enchanting panorama at the Bar alla Soffia.
A circular route will allow you to see the Cadini del Breton, fifteen natural pools arranged in succession, carved by the torrent of the same name, offering breathtaking views.

Here you can relax while picnicking. You can have lunch in the restaurant or spend time with friends in the barbecue areas.
Near the lake, the tavern Osteria ‘alla Certosa‘ brings tradition to the table, where you can enjoy cheese, sausages and other specialties produced in the Belluno Dolomites National Park.

Treviso – Santa Croce Lake (60 km)
Belluno – Santa Croce Lake (20 km)

Located in Alpago, the Santa Croce Lake, born from a landslide that shifted the course of the Piave River, is the largest lake in the province of Belluno.
There are many activities you can undertake there, including a visit to the natural oasis, an easy walk where you will find birdwatching stations where, with a bit of luck, you can admire the grey heron, the white stork, the penduline tit, the forapaglie, the wagtail, the reed warbler and the little grebe.
The lake is also an ideal destination for hiking or mountain biking of varying difficulty degrees, windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. If you have never tried these sports, there are several local businesses you can contact to try the experience, for example A.S.D. Venice Kite Company and the Santa Croce Lake Kite Surf School.
During the summer months, bathing is allowed on the shores of the lake, which turn into beaches, even with the presence of pedal boats offshore, while in the winter months it is possible to go snowshoeing.

Along the lake area, there are several places to stop and enjoy the wonderful view, which adds to the taste experience. We can mention La Vela, Bay Watch, bar ‘da Fortunato‘ and Baia delle Sirene 2.0.There is also a campsite on the banks, which has a restaurant and offers the possibility of organising various experiences to discover the area. Nearby, you can also stay overnight at Agriturismo La Giansena, which, with its farm, will allow you to appreciate the local nature even more, and Hotel Dante, near the A27 motorway exit.

Treviso – Corlo Lake(45 km)
Belluno – Corlio Lake (70 km)

Here you can spend moments of relaxation and sport in contact with nature.

Near the municipality of Arsiè, you can discover Corlo Lake through various routes that can be taken either on foot or by bicycle surrounded by thick vegetation.
The paths lead as far as the crossing of the suggestive Ponte della Vittoria (The Victory Bridge), suspended over the lake and supported by steel ropes, built in 1928 at the height of the fascist regime in honour of the war events.
The more sporty can rent canoes and SUPs to fully savour the atmosphere, but even with a pedalo you can admire a 360° evocative landscape.
The nearby Fumegai path allows you, through the forest, to enter the uninhabited hamlet of the same name where you can see the ‘Ruderi di Fumegai‘, traces of lives gathered in what can be described as an open-air museum. In this suggestive place you will have the impression that time has stopped under a spell.

Nearby, you can visit the Grotta del Salton (Salton Cave) in Lamon, which will offer you an evocative and fascinating landscape. Among the ups and downs of the route, also of a certain difficulty, you will encounter three bridges suspended between streams of crystal-clear water and lush forests, and the Grotta dell’Acqua Nera (Black Water Cave).

For a break, you can stop in a park with a barbecue area. In addition, there are several options you can take advantage of for a break, including several bars along the lakeside, as well as hotels and restaurants such as ‘Al Parigi‘ and Baita Chalet Alabama.
On the shores of the lake there are campsites where you can take advantage of some glamping-type accommodation, luxury tents, which are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people.

Translated by Dr Cecilia Flaccavento
Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno |Dolomites


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