The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere Veneto, Pozza, meets the Ambassador of Italy in Berlin, Benassi.

A visit in Berlin that amounts 13 Milliard export

Economy - published on 09 February 2018

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza, together with Secretary-General Romano Tiozzo and the Director of Consorzio Marca
Treviso Alessandro Martini met the Ambassador of Italy in Berlin Pietro Benassi, within an event organized by Confagricoltura in the frame of a cycle of meetings
that will take place in Germany.
A desired meeting that bases on an export amount of 12,3 Milliard Euros just referring to the Italian fresh fruit and vegetables products. Is it enough for us? Not really – replies
President Pozza – Events like these represent a good opportunity to be team players and promote further our excellences, since Veneto is one of the major regions for export
value in Germany. After the talks had with the Ambassador confirms Pozza there is a big interest towards the Treviso territory and its food and wine,
mechanical engineering, machinery, furniture and eyewear products.
During the meeting the cycle path Munich-Venice was presented, which has been then introduced by Consorzio Marca Treviso to the German tour operators in the afternoon.
The Ryanair flight route Treviso-Berlin that is receiving strong interest from the German tourists, has been also presented.
Our intention is to create opportunities for German tourists that arrive in Treviso, in order to experience it not only as transfer point, but also as place to stay.
Our challenge – says the Director Alessandro Martini – is to create interest and curiosity towards a new destination able to remain in the hearts and memories of the
visitors, thanks to its products, natural beauty, international cultural and congressional events, in order to generate new incomes within a tourism economy able to reinvigorate all economic

The new logistic platform that will replace the farmers’ market has been presented to the Ambassador Benassi: a supraregional platform that will provide services for chilling, storage and logistics
for all northeastern area of Italy. The Ambassador – informs the President Pozza – has underlined his personal attention to our territory and entrepreneurial system. The next meeting
will be then in the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, since the Ambassador has accepted my invitation to an event to introduce our companies and products of excellence to Germany. The aim is to
create new business opportunities in particular for those companies that still do not internationalize, as objective of the Chamber of Commerce in the frame of the latest reform.

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