The Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce invests 420 thousand Euros in culture and tourism in 2017.

27/10/2017 | ECONOMY | New competence on tourism for the Chambers of Commerce. Frontline of the Treviso-Belluno –Chamber of Commerce with a strong financial commitment.

Economy - published on 27 October 2017

Source: Press Office of Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce

Several are the tourism and culture fields where the Chamber of Commerce is investing, as approved by the Chamber Council and implemented by the Board, because it believes that the new
communication ways of a territory must be chosen with courage also moving towards new well stablished sectors. An example is the support to the realization of the movie “Finchè c’è Prosecco
c’è speranza
” through the Chamber controlled body Treviso Film Commission.

With the new competence on tourism given by the Reform to the Chambers of Commerce, there is all our effort to work in this field and in all the supply chain, in order that our territory –
says President Mario Pozza – can benefit of an image reborn. For too much time such image was darkened by the idea that we just intended to make business and hangars, and a new
image will benefit the tourism supply chain and all the enterprises. In addition, with the rediscovery of a typical artisanship and of a high quality and sustainable enterprise, since the new
consumers are searching for that.
The investment in culture and tourism of the Chamber of Commerce amounts to 420 thousand Euros in approved initiatives that will be implemented within 2017.
The Chamber of Commerce confirms its strong investment in culture through the contribution of 120 thousand Euros for the Rodin exhibit, which is part of the official support of the candidature
of Treviso as 2020 culture capital.
Not only this, since the Chamber of Commerce is sustaining “Le trame del Giorgione” exhibit, the Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto, the Fulcis Palace, the Municipality of feltre.
I have much appreciated how the territory can actively stay beside the Chamber of commerce.
In occasion of the movie “Finchè c’è Prosecco c’è Speranza” première, I was delighted by the presence of the authorities, the Treviso Prefect Laura Lega, the Commander Vitucci that with their
eminent presence give a significant participation to the perspectives developed for our territory – says Pozza -.

Along this line, the presence of the consular authorities such as Mattia Carlin from Colombia, the Panama Consul Rosa Del Carmen Bethancourt and the Luxemburg
Consul Lucio Pasqualetto, that I am sure they will be able to bring to the Ambassadors of the represented Countries the images of our territory. Putting in evidence an
entrepreneurial and touristic hospitality capacity for the new markets, which are also the target of the internationalization steering committee.

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